Rosemary Butterworth


After a ‘meeting’ with the Archangel Michael in Hana, Mauii in 1993, Rosemary returned to Australia to carry out His words that He gave her.

Rosemary was given a vision of her work here on Earth which she has endeavored to carry out. It was to create a space where like—minded people could come to be healed, empowered and remember who they are and why they are here on the earth.

To begin, she immediately hired a hall in Sydney where she taught meditation. This group grew into a large organization with 7 branches at one stage and was known as The Southern Cross Academy of Light (SCAL). SCAL has now become The Academy of Light Incorporated.

Since the ‘meeting’ with Archangel Michael, her connection with Angels has become stronger and she was and still is, able to bring through Angelic messages for people and often does this on Angel Heart Radio every second Wednesday of the month.

Part of the vision of her work was to build a spiritual retreat where people could stay for different periods of time. Whilst there, the energy of the land would bring the people back to a state of peace and harmony. In 1994 she formed a relationship with John Butterworth, whom she married in 1998. John carried a similar vision of owning land to farm biodynamically and use sustainably. So, in 2005, John and Rosemary purchased 84 acres near Nabiac which they called Jacaranda Haven. John loves to do sound healing sessions and is a Landscape Architect.

Rosemary-Lets-Have-FunRosemary holds private healing and life coaching sessions at her home, Jacaranda Haven , in Dyers Crossing in Northern NSW.  as well as phone sessions. Rosemary works with the highest integrity. She is clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient and she brings through the energies from the Ascended Masters, the company of Heaven and Spiritual Hierarchy. Rosemary offers sensitive communication with higher wisdom from the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Hierarchy as they offer you clear guidance through her. The areas in your life that need healing or transformation are highlighted and advice on how to heal or deal with these issues is offered.

Life and Relationship coaching brings:
Clarity to existing issues.
Helps you trust your own intuition.
Focus on what to work towards.
Gives you a map to work with.
Shows you the next step.
Increases self awareness.
Builds confidence.

The sessions last for up to 1 + 1/2 hours and cost $120.
Phone the Rosemary for further details
(02) 65502169.

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