John Butterworth

Healer, Musician, Farmer, Project Manager:

power of the gong - John Butterworth

John Butterworth, as initiator and facilitator of what he terms ‘Sonic Entrainment’ therapy and ‘Sacred Sound’ activities, has been a part-time professional musician all of his working life – including percussion, double bass, and in later years, harmonic/overtone chanting and toning.  He has a perpetual fascination for resonance, vibration, colour, light, energy and exotic percussion instruments. John has traveled widely facilitating workshops and sound healing work both overseas and within Australia. This has included Hong Kong, The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and the 1996 International Congress of Esoteric Sciences and 1995 Healing Body Mind Soul & Spirit Symposium both in Canberra, Australia. He leads workshops, gatherings and events in different contexts such as The Sydney Acapella Festival and The International Yoga Teachers’ Association and he often gives people a beautiful ‘Gong Bath’ using his large Chinese and Balinese sacred gongs as an introduction to an event.

John ButterworthIn late 2000 he founded The Peace Choir and created an unique event called ‘Bathed in Sound in 2002 which blends the Choir, Gong players, quartz crystal singing bowls and guest performers with the Labyrinth pattern of Chartres Cathedral from France which is placed on the floor for people to walk while in contemplation. His work has been featured on radio and TV and his study tours have taken him to the USA, the UK and France where he has participated in workshops with Jill Purce (London) and Jonathon Goldman (USA). John holds a First Class Honours Degree in Landscape Architecture and Honours qualification in horticulture.  He ran his own Landscape Architecture office based in Sydney, for over a decade and for the last 10 plus years has been managing building projects. He is a Co-Founder of the Southern Cross Academy of Light and co-owner of Jacaranda Haven. He is trained in Bio-dynamic farming and is very passionate about community based food production on Jacaranda Haven. He has been involved in the building of the wonderful Octagonal house on Jacaranda Haven.

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