Self-Mastery Card Game


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The Self Mastery game of life will present you with the keys to master your life and give you the answers to your questions.

Messages you receive are empowering, eye opening, and supportive for right action.

Your questions you ask on anything from relationship, career, finances to many and varied personal areas are answered in an empowering and unique way due to your ability to become the Master oracle. Self Mastery covers a wide range of information that provides insight, self knowledge, guidance, personal transformation, solutions and broader perspectives.

By creating empowering questions one will receive empowering answers.

On your progressional journey you are guided through doorways, form the physical plane, through the mental, emotional and intuitive planes to the spirit of revelations into your own unique Self Mastery. Because you write your journey you will have records of events, messages, gems of information, symbol meanings, gifts, challenges, angel guidance, intuitive insights and actions to take.

The goal is to create your own self mastery and to regain a sense of equilibrium in your life.

Through the gateways of Self Mastery you will discover the answers and be given the tools to master, fulfill, gain, enrich, empower, unearth, proceed, win, breakthrough, release and understand your life.

The game opens a channel to your higher mind.

As your journey unfolds, you will encounter symbols that link and sustain your movement to self mastery. When all the links are joined you will have written information that flows like an unfolding story. It will form a pinnacle of achievement and offers you a revelation to help guide you to your own self mastery.

By accessing your deeper energy patterns through Self Mastery you are given remarkable ability to move beyond the outer façade, through the interfacing of your beliefs and into the patterns of your sub-conscious.

Self Mastery is a tool for self discovery and presents the keys to unlocking your mastery in order to find a new pattern of possibilities. It can be used for self development purposes, providing a therapeutic and counselling forum for small or large groups of course participants.

It gives each individual access in an unusual way to a deeper part of their subconscious and releases the seeds of new thought that open the doorway to unlimited potential.

It embraces the spirit of curiosity for you to delve deeper into yourself and see alternate ways in which to solve your challenges.

As a tool it taps into the vast realms of exciting possibilities.

You can play the game alone or you may decide that you find more benefits in playing with others. As many as 6 can play at the one time and the interaction that takes place is not only rewarding but creates a stronger bond with others, allows honesty, openness and acceptance within a group.

Your goal is to continue mastering your life through self understanding and positive action. The messages you receive along the way offer the ultimate solutions and will perhaps create major breakthroughs in your life.

Self Mastery Source helps manifest the spring well of understanding.

Contents of Self Mastery:

Self Mastery playing board, 1 instruction booklet, 4 Symbol booklets, 6 stone tokens, 1 six sided dice, 40 Guardian Angel cards, 40 Dream cards, 40 Gift cards, 40 Challenge cards, 40 Revelation cards, 20 Physical doorway cards, 20 Mental doorway cards, 20 Emotional doorway cards, 20 Intuitive doorway cards, 20 Spirit Light cards, 40 Self Mastery cards, 1 silk pouch.

Self Mastery is a profoundly affirming and encouraging process. Insightful and transformational.