Sacred Sage – WISDOM


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pureHEART Mysts – Sacred Sage

~ Purifies one’s inner and outer environments, shifting into Sacred Space. Multivalent symbol, clearing the ladder of consciousness, accessing your Divine Wisdom.

~ Relieves a tired mind, from virtual chaos to sublime light, from ignorance to Enlightenment. Expanding space, creating time to think and consider – restoring order.

~ Benefits respiratory and immune systems through colour therapy, turquoise-light breathing.

~ Through definitive organisational skills, and aligning the subtle fields, one synchronises Creative Expression. Using measure to manifest, bringing intuition through stillness.

Flowers: Snake Vine, Cactus, Chakruna, Apothecary Rose
Fir Needle, Rosewood, Lime, Cedarwood, Rose Geranium, Sage and Palo Santo
Owl ~ Ability to decern subtle mysteries

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