Pink Energy Spray


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COLOUR: PINK is the expression of love, comfort, nurturing, kindness, romance and caring. Pink sooths and comforts make you feel safe. The energy of Pink expresses itself through thoughtful acts, affection, tenderness, compassion, sensitivity and intimacy. Pink is like a magnet; drawing in what you need, it draws in love and goodness.

Think Pink in a crisis the energy of Pink is the antidote to fear. Pink calms the nervous system allowing the energy of love to flow. Consciously use Pink when you are feeling stressed, unable to sleep, anxious, obsessive or tense. Pink is good for working with children and draws group energies together.

FRAGRANCE: The Pink spray is a beautiful energy to work with. Pink has soft and comforting notes of rose and sandalwood. Energy Sprays come in 14 different colour vibrations assisting you with whatever you may need love, wisdom, strength, healing, peace and so much more. They are hand made and hand poured with conscious intent and all organic ingredients. ml

SIZES: Soul Colour Energy Sprays are available in two convenient sizes the everyday 50ml or the 30ml handbag size. Instructions for use included.



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30 ml, 50 ml