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NutriKane D is a natural formulation for the maintenance of intestinal and digestive health and contributes to the maintenance of blood glucose levels.

NutriKane D is a natural, whole plant, dietary “food as medicine” to be mixed with water. NutriKane D is available in a retail carton of 28 sachets. Each carton is a 2 week supply at recommended use.

Why would I take NutriKane D?

To contribute to the maintenance of intestinal health and BGLs. The natural foods used to make NutriKane contain a range of nutrients and all forms of dietary fibre that can be absorbed along the entire length of the intestinal tract. This provides slow release of key nutrients (unlike highly processed foods which are absorbed too quickly). This makes the digestive tract operate more effectively and that directly assists the body’s ability to cope with other health problems.

NutriKane D™ is high in micronutrients such as bioavailable chromium (highest levels of any foods tested), both polyphenolic and flavonoid antioxidants (3 times the antioxidants of green tea) and contains high quality sources of soluble and insoluble fibre. When NutriKane D™ is consumed with meals it has been shown to lower the GI of most foods.


“I suffer with Psoriasis but since I have been taking NutriKane (for another reason in the first place)  I have found my skin has slowly healed.  Not completely as yet, but very much improved.  I am 83 years old so my skin is getting old.
I believe that NutriKane does help the PH balance of the physical body and I believe this is the reason my skin is responding.  I have always been aware of too much acid in my body – despite a healthy diet.
I did stop taking it for about 1 month and found the skin became worse – now I take half a does with apple juice everyday it is back to healing again.
I will continue to use it with pleasure – as a pensioner I just wish it was available with less expense.
Please advise the producers of NutriKane a big thank you from me – for their product.”…V Barrow, Mossvale NSW