My Little Sea Shell Vol 1 – John B Levine


John Levine has combined universal and traditional children’s favorites with the calming scales and sound patterns of Alphamusic, in noisy classrooms and playrooms; My Little Sea Shell quickly brings about a settled, focused atmosphere. An excellent background for children preparing for sleep time. Children aged six and under are especially responsive to these CDs. In the middle of each track a mother humms without lyrics the main theme tune.

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Listeners of any age will delighted in these complex and calming recordings. As this delicate yet complex music moves lyrically from one plane to the next you will easily pick out the unmistakable refrains of nursery rhymes and lullabies from your own childhood.
In the “My Little Sea Shell” volumes, the John Levine´s original intent was to create alphamusic especially for mothers, babies and little children … he has succeeded in this and much more.