How To Move Forward – Rosemary Butterworth


How To Move Forward is more than a book to read! It is for all those people who have struggled with negative thoughts and finding the happiness in their lives. It is full of practicle tips and techniques to increase awareness showing you how thoughts and beliefs influence your world. Practice these tips and today may be the first day of your new life.

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Do you ask yourself:  Why is this happening to me? and Why me?.  The purpose of this book is to not only gift you with the knowledge of what causes your pain and suffering, and what causes patterns in you life to repeat, but also to enlighten you on how to recognise these causes, identify when they are happening and to inspire you to change your patterns and your whole life.

Rosemary helps you to discover how to truly hear your thoughts and to become aware of how they are affecting you every day.

You may choose to read the book from front to back but that is not entirely necessary.  We all lead busy lives and Rosemary suggests simply opening the book to a page and then read that chapter and see how the information can be used to improve your experience on that day and the days that follow.

The time for change is now.

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