Contract to Live – Christine Bannigan


Christine’s books are packed with stories, metaphors, exercises and meditations to open hearts and minds. They reach into the reader’s soul, helping us to remember that limitation is an illusion that keeps us small, and although there is no better way to learn, it is time for us now to rediscover our spaciousness and claim our birthright of freedom.

Christine is a catalyst for transformation, a distinction she earned when working as a Change Management Consultant in the Asia Pacific corporate sector. In 2000 however, her relationship with change took on a different meaning when an aggressive life threatening cancer stopped her in her tracks.

On the day of her diagnosis, Christine stepped out of her old shoes and surrendered to a greater power. This marked the beginning of a fascinating journey of personal transformation which propelled her into cosmic adventures and realms of awareness she had never imagined possible. In her first book “Contract To Live,” Christine shares the story of this unique awakening. She describes her walk-in experience when the old consciousness left and a new awareness was born.

Christine is a cosmic being with a fearless perspective on life. When writing, teaching, leading meditations and conducting private sessions she taps into an energy that lifts her beyond her physical self. She brings through practical tools, meditations and guidance for accelerating transformation and helping people open to new levels of consciousness.

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Contract To Live is one of 3 books (The Blossoming Heart and Portal to Freedom) that cover Christine Bannigan’s archetypal journey from corporate stress-head to a more balanced way of being. They are fascinating reading for those who are moving beyond the purely physical focus to realize themselves as cosmic beings.