Archangel Sandalphon – John B Levine


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Sandolphon is very much connected with the earth energies, and you have chosen him to remind you of the importance of being grounded and of being in this world. He will help you to establish a secure link between heaven and earth. Sandolphon is very aware that it is sometimes difficult to be in the physical world, yet it is an experience we have chosen and we are very privileged and blessed to be here at this important time.


Sandolphon also offers security by teaching us to look within ourselves and reminds us that we are safe and secure in the presence of our angels. If you are feeling insecure at work, home, relationships etc or if you feel threatened in any way, Sandolphon will help you to become secure. He is also at the base of the tree of life, succouring and giving nourishment. He and his minions also channel universal energy into our planet to replenish the earth energy. Sandolphon will help you to recognise that you are a divine being in a physical body and that this body needs to be nourished and cared for during this lifetime. You could not experience your life without your physical body. You are here to become the best you can be and to overcome the obstacles life throws your way.

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