Archangel Michael – John B Levine


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The angel of truth courage and protection, he gives you the courage to be honest with yourself, whilst protecting you physically, emotionally and spiritually. H Choosing Michael can indicate that there are some changes (job, relationship or so on) that you need to make in your life. Whatever obstacles stand in your way Michael will fill you with courage and strength to make these changes.

Michael urges you to look deep inside yourself to discover your true nature. You can also ask him to cut any ties that bind you to others, or negative emotions, past, present or past life to help you let go and move on. You can ask Michael to give you courage to face the future whatever is happening in your life. If you are afraid to tell the truth, if you are not facing the truth, if you are not being true to yourself, if you do what others want regardless of what is right for you. He brings you help, strength and calm to cope with the crises of everyday life. He can also rid you of old programming and thought patterns. He is the angel of the south and governs the element of fire.

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