Without Truth There is No Wisdom with Beverley Buckley

Monday, 10 August, 2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre– Melody Room

‘Everything in its place’ How & why we create patterns in our lives.
After twenty years of research Beverley Buckley has discovered a way for people to easily access knowledge stored in the subconscious. Access to this information allows insight into how and why we create the patterns of our lives – and what is needed to change patterns that no longer serve us.
This lead her to creating an effective healing modality that she has used for many years with both children & adults. This technique actually allows people to heal themselves. It is called: the Stress Defusion process. It also opens the door to understanding the history of mankind by bringing all of mankind’s experiences to conscious awareness.
Beverley learned that her purpose in this lifetime was to:“remember the encoded knowledge, be open to all information relevant to changes in Earth’s vibrational shift and to seek information from the highest source to help people understand that they have the power to heal themselves.”
Beverley was originally going to head up from Tasmania to join us but now will be joining us via Zoom. She will be promoting her book: ‘Everything in its place’ How & why we create the patterns in our lives.
On the night she will talk about her book and will give us some practical exercises to test our level of brain connection and also give us a really easy tool to shut down mind chatter.

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