The Creation of the First Humans

Monday, 25 March, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre– Melody Room

On March 25, the Academy of Light is privileged to host Australian author and gifted medium Valerie Barrow, who channels cosmic messages of immense significance for all mankind.
As a galactic ambassador, Valerie has been in clairaudient contact with the Star People for many years. She will discuss the Star People and their role in raising earth consciousness as we move into the fifth dimension.
Valerie transmits teachings from her guides – Sanat Kumara, Alcheringa and the Cosmic Sai Baba. She has written three books: The Book of Love by a Medium, Alcheringa, and Two Soulmates. She has appeared on various television and radio programs, and her Star People Revisited workshops were featured in several countries including Australia, USA, and Southeast Asia.
Valerie is a direct voice channel for ‘Alcheringa’, known to the Australian Aborigines as ‘Creator Spirit Ancestor’ or ‘The Golden One’. She is also a speaker at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru in January 2020.
Over the past year, Valerie has been in contact with her ‘oversoul’ self, Andromeda Val, who is 6,000 years ahead into our future. According to Valerie, the Angelic Realms from Andromeda organized for our Planet Earth to be created.
“ The Andromedans have always been interested in the evolvement of our planet and offer assistance if we ask.  They have created the Adonis Race, who look like humans.  Their plan is to show themselves so that the human race will not be afraid.”

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