How the Ancient Knowledge of Anasazi, Wingmakers & Law of One Can Guide Us with Warren Mitchell

Monday, 24 August, 2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre– Melody Room

Warren will present his personal journey that through initial contact at The Academy of Light, led him to connect with the Light Language and visit the sites of the Anusazi, an ancient Native American civilization that ceased around 1400 AD. The Anusazi are also referenced as the civilization that was visited by the Wingmakers around 800 AD. The Wingmakers are an advanced race that supposedly visited and left a high technology disc and a Helix Labyrinth of 23 Chambers (like DNA) with interactive art, hidden near Chaco Canyon. The material was examined by an elite Government agency and then posted to the internet in 1998 by a defector who believed it should be shared as it contains information relevant to our times. Ref. and  

The Law of One – RA is channelled material delivered in 1981 in over 100 sessions thru work of Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty. Ref 

Warren will talk about the common principles in the Law of One and the Wingmakers material and how they can be used as guidelines for navigating our Life path and particularly the current challenges.

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