Energy Update and Activation with Nancy Valentine-Smith

Monday, 14 December, 2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre– Melody Room

Nancy Valentine Smith is a Medicine Woman, a Shaman, an Alchemist, a Healer and Sacred Technician. She comes from a lineage of Medicine men and women who were also Seers. 
As a child Nancy was taught to go into the Ancient Records to read the books of knowledge of the Stars and of the Earth until she was ready to access the memory within her. One of her purposes is to assist others to access their own knowledge and wisdom. Your life without a doubt will change as you open to the Great Work. 
Over two decades, Nancy has mentored and empowered many people by helping them change their state of being to see and  experience who they truly are.  Through her transformational live event, gatherings and audio programs, Nancy continues to experience her Ancient Beloved Teachings, to co-create a life from the Heart with her modern take on ancient wisdom.

Join us on the 14th of December, as Nancy shares more of her great wisdom with us with powerful activations and energy transformations.


*** Please note :  This event is both at the Mosman Art Gallery and on Zoom.  Preference is to book on Eventbrite, however tickets will be available at the door.  Nancy will be on Zoom ***


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