Ascension,the galactic cycle & connecting to the new earth with Julia Smith

Monday, 26 October, 2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre– Melody Room

The Academy is delighted to have Julia return to be us; sharing her insights into our journey of ascension. She will talk us through a macro picture of where we are in the Galactic Cycle, Mother Earth’s ascension and humanity’s ascension. She will also cover some important points to be mindful of that will ease our own personal journey, provide techniques on helping to raise and hold our vibration – questions are welcomed. Julia will then will channel a powerful guided meditation for clearing and healing in our energy field of old emotional debris, karma, DNA clearing, dissolving old cords and timelines (and more) and then reinvigorate us with beautiful Divine crystalline energies aligning us to our highest timeline and the New Earth’s energy.

Julia works with multi-dimensional teams primarily a collective of crystal skulls from the higher dimensions, the angelic realm, whale and dolphin energies, Ascended Masters and Star Beings from the higher frequency dimensions. All her work is aligned to working with pure Light. ings from these realms will join us to send through the highest energy’s for the group on the night.

Julia works in North Sydney as transformational energy healer, sound and colour therapist. Her sessions are a unique combination of sound frequencies, colour ray energies, crystalline light and working with the soul’s of people’s family unity to resolve conflict and complete soul contracts. She also works as a planetary Grid LightWorker acting as a conduit to restore light into Mother Earth’s body. Julia also does Soul Life Purpose Coaching, Aura Photography with aura readings, Aura Photography events, and Land/Property/House clearings and upgrades. You can take a look at Julia’s work at: and contact her at

The evening will be completely organic! We will be in the flow of what unfolds as guided by our celestial friends!