A Midwife For The Afterlife – Marita Schlink

Marita Schlink

Monday, 16 November, 2015
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre– Melody Room

Death is a constant companion in all our lives yet many of us fear this inevitable part of the journey.

Come along and join with Marita as she leads us into story telling around death and a creative visualisation. Marita reminds us “All is One, One is All, there is no separation”
As the Midwife for the Afterlife Marita invites us to discover, embrace and integrate the shadow of death so we can live life fully.

Marita’s journey to become a Midwife for the Afterlife:

It was a gift from her brother, Jack, and now she now passionately invites the conversation of death into the community.
At the moment of my brother Jack’s death, I was gifted an experience that opened my heart for the next stage of my journey as a Midwife for the Afterlife.

In 2011, my brother, Jack was privileged to transit this world in his family home. He was supported by his wife, two daughters and me, his little sister. All of us played our roles.

I was guided to perform a ritual to assist Jacks spirit leave his body.

Standing on the right side of the bed I watched and heard as his last breath and spirit left his body…. “WHOOSH”. I closed my eyes.

The only way I can describe the next moment is to say that he took me with him as he left his body. We communed (telepathically) in the cosmos,

He said to remember the feeling that I was experiencing. “All is One, One is All, there is no separation”

He reminded me that this is what I had been seeking my whole life.

It was his last gift to me.

I gently recalibrated and re-entered my physical body which was still standing next to my brother in the room. I opened my eyes to see my brother, as an empty shell. He had definitely gone.

In the moment of my brother dying all fear around death integrated in my being. I became aware of the profoundness of my brothers last gift to me.

Marita’s work as the Midwife for the Afterlife is about holding safe space for others to allow them to discover their own relationship with life and the shadow of death. One does not have to be terminally ill to embrace this work.

She also facilitates personalised sessions to assist with the integration of the energy around the fear of death.

Marita’s contacts: Mobile: 0410.555 198, email: