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AOL Bulletin : 8th August 2018 : Finding the Light

In and Around the Academy Paulien Gort welcomed us to the space and first led us in a wonderfully grounding meditation. After a brief introduction to the healing powers of sound and a relaxation to prepare the body to receive the gifts of the evening, she started playing her wide range of musical instruments. The journey led […]

AOL Bulletin : 4th July 2018 – Inspiring Hope

In and Around the Academy   Thank you to everyone that attended James Korber’s presentation, it was a fantastic turnout. What a fascinating modality James has created. It was so interesting to hear how working with our mind and inner sacred geometry, patients can align oneself. They then can start to recover from symptoms such […]

AOL Bulletin: 30th May 2018

In and Around the Academy Wow did we all see how huge the full moon was on Tuesday night? It was quite spectacular! This full moon brings about new possibilities, opportunities and adventure. It’s about really expanding our hearts and really seeing things from a higher perspective. Thank you to everyone that attended Robert Henry’s […]

AOL Bulletin: 18th April 2018 – Planting Seeds of Positivity

In and Around the Academy with Debbie Schutz I hope everyone is feeling a sense of relief now that Mercury has stopped going retrograde. We can now bring more harmony and balance into our lives with the New Moon in Aries. Wow. Are we all still tingling after Paulien’s sound bath? Thank you Paulien for […]

AOL Bulletin – 21st March 2018 : Taking Care of Ourselves

In and Around the Academy with Debbie Schutz Well what a month March has been so far! The energies have been high with two full Moons, the Equinox and Mercury about to go retrograde on the 22nd. Thank you to everyone that attended Jane’s Ahlquist’s talk last week. What wonderful insight Jane bought to the […]