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A Master Healer – personal reflections on Elaine Croker

A Master Healer: Elaine Croker founder of the Prime Tuning of Cells modality. A personal reflection by Sue Larkin, Reflexologist and teacher of PTC in Sydney. My journey began back in 1998 though my own personal recovery from ill health and later the recovery of our son from a devastating digestive illness. One of the […]

Thinking Is Overrated – as regards sleep!

Thinking is overrated (when it comes to sleep) Tuesday, 11 January 2011 James McGrath WE only have a limited amount of time on this earth, and we spend a third of that time asleep. As it turns out though, we should be getting more sleep, not less. Of course, that’s common knowledge. Getting more sleep […]

Kitchen Medicine

Kitchen Medicine by Maxine Haigh-White Medical Herbalist BWhm, MsHsc, ADipWHM mNHAA, mANTA, mATMS Traditional medicine methods were handed down by mother to daughter, through the generations, but in the modern world we live in, the family unit has become fragmented by time, distance or circumstance.  It is more the exception than the norm to […]

Higher Altitudes

Higher Altitudes by Joanne Turner – A remarkable story of a young woman who cured herself from leukemia. We continue with Joanne’s story, as told by her in the June/July ’97 edition of Shining Bright. It was then that Joanne described her ‘Journey of Joy’ as she battled with the news that she had leukaemia. […]

The Chakras

The Chakras Source:  Soluntra King “Light Code Activations” The Chakras are gateways that link us from the densest aspects of our body, to the most subtle, and to the Source and all creation.  When they are functioning to their potential, spinning balls of light/life force, then our physical body and all our bodies are […]