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Expanding Awareness

About Dimensions By Rosemary Butterworth We usually think linearly.  There is yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We are born, grow old and die.  Time for us 3rd dimensional beings is in a straight line.  But then, we are told everything is here Now.  In truth, there is no time so they say, time is an illusion.  […]

Looking forward to the Birth of a New Earth

The Earth changes are going to happen.  The same way as a lady gives birth, you cannot stop it. You can have a comfortable birth or a difficult one.  It is a choice.  If a lady exercises, relaxes through breathing has a good diet – prepares – the birth has a higher possibility of being […]

Unity Consciousness

What is Unity Consciousness?  Unity Consciousness is awareness of all levels of all beings everywhere.  It is the ability to communicate with all beings and all realms everywhere.  (Understand that All Beings means not just people it includes plants, animals etc and ‘everywhere’ means all dimensions.) All Beings everywhere need to reside in Love.  We […]

A Master Healer – personal reflections on Elaine Croker

A Master Healer: Elaine Croker founder of the Prime Tuning of Cells modality. A personal reflection by Sue Larkin, Reflexologist and teacher of PTC in Sydney. My journey began back in 1998 though my own personal recovery from ill health and later the recovery of our son from a devastating digestive illness. One of the […]

Does the soul exist

DOES THE SOUL EXIST? by Valerie Barrow “Does the soul exist” you ask – “Of course it does” comes a firm reply – “and who are you?” you may ask. So let me tell you, if you will listen, how I know about some exchange of souls taking place in a physical human body. From […]