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Building A Strong Foundation

The Lower Dan Tian and Snow Mountain (Ming Men or kundalini) are key foundational energy centres that ideally we need to boost every day. Spend 15-30mins on each centre daily, the more time you spend the better Lower Dan Tian Practice Body power Place both palms just below your navel and place Dr and Master […]


By Kaliana Rose and Rama Raphael. It is such an important time on our beautiful Mother Earth and Light workers are being asked to travel and support her in her Ascension into higher dimensions of Light. Our work is to support the transformation of old thought forms of separation that have inhibited humanity from living […]


Australian natural whole plant innovation could present new option for blood glucose management NutriKane D™ is a supplement taken daily with water or juice. It is made from high quality whole plant sources including gluten free grains, natural flavours and sugarcane varieties (with the sucrose removed). Minimal processing allows the product to retain bioactive micronutrients, […]

Manifesting You! by Juliet Martine

All too often we get caught up in the thinking that ‘When I just get the relationship I want,’ or ‘When I get more clients,’ or ‘When I have more money in the bank,’ then I’ll be able to feel good about myself and stand tall in the fullness of who I am. And so […]

Rosemary Butterworth is Michael’s Messenger

Rosemary Butterworth – the co-founder of the Southern Cross Academy of Light  – now has her own website! – MICHAEL’S MESSENGER, –  Contained within Michael’s Messenger are stories of her experiences and a blog sharing her current thoughts and happenings. Along with some tools that she used and found very helpful in practicing mindfulness […]