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On Fairies and Following Your Heart

with Maggie Hamilton Sometimes the call to follow our heart comes left of field. For me it began with a love of fairies, a deep abiding love that sat with me quietly for years, waiting to be activated. It helped that for the first few years of my life in England I was surrounded by […]


with OCHA SHEEHAN It must seem strange to hear that we need to connect to the Earth Mother when there are so many tumultuous natural events all over the world that create so much upheaval for our towns and people’s lives. How to stay connected to the Earth Mother’s heart when she seems to be […]

My Adventures with the Faeries

Written by Deb Svanefelt, Sound Healer and Friend of the Faeries, I guess you could say my adventures first began when I was a child… visiting with my Danish great-uncle, who always told us the story of how, when he’d been a young boy growing up in Denmark, he’d fallen asleep one day on […]


The Superwaves of last year and now of 2016, don’t emanate from the sun, but from Galactic Centre. They aren’t solar flares, but massive gamma bursts, awakening all matter. Animal behaviour has altered – even the minerals wish to evolve. We were first alerted to the imminence of these in 2015 by Dr. Simon Atkins, […]

Insight – Action – Healing – Achieving

With Warren Mitchell  Notes created for and taken at AOL Talk 23 Nov 2015 When I started coming to The Academy, I was like a kid in a lolly shop. I loved the variety, but had trouble digesting it all. It seemed like everybody had THE ANSWER, and if I didn’t do the workshop or […]