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AOL Bulletin : 19th February 2020 – Shamanic Healings

Introducing the Committee Members I’m delighted to let you know that at the last Annual General Meeting in December 6 Committee members were chosen to help bring the message of Light out into the world through the Academy of Light.They are introducing themselves below. President and Treasurer: Paulien Gort I’m a Sound Healer and Family Constellations facilitator at White Raven Healing […]

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AOL Bulletin : 5th February 2020 – Energetic Healings

The Gift of Intuition with Nila Chambers Author Nila Chambers is on a mission to help others awaken their intuition. She delivered an inspirational talk to the Academy about how to cultivate our intuition so that we can more easily navigate through life’s challenges. In 2018, Nila’s life took a dramatic turning point when she heard […]

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AOL Bulletin : 4th December 2019 – A Merry Christmas to All

Uluru and Mount Kilimanjaro – Potent Centre For Activation in 2020 Spiritual tour guides Ocha Sheehan and Cate Butcher teamed together to talk to the Academy about connecting to the Earth’s portals during these pivotal times of transformation.  Ocha is a divine channel and healer with a deep understanding of the Earth’s energy system. She […]

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AOL Bulletin : 20th November 2019 – Feel the Power

Connecting with Spirit with Teresa and Tom Shantz On the eve of the 11/11 portal, American spiritual teachers Teresa and Tom Shantz shared some powerful tools and exercises to expand our inner potential. Teresa and Tom began by talking about why it is important to grow spiritually. “Your life gets smoother and you begin to […]

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AOL Bulletin : 6th November 2019 – Gifts From the Universe

Maggie Hamiltion – Reconnecting to the Magical World of Fairies Maggie Hamilton enchanted her audience at the Academy of Light with experiences of the realm of fairies and nature spirits.  Sydney-based author and social researcher, Maggie has been fascinated by fairies since she was a child growing up in the English countryside. Fairy tales were […]

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