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AOL Bulletin : 12th December 2018 : Let the Spirit of Christmas Shine

In and Around the Academy Jason Snaddon – Activating Abundance and the Laws of Attraction Abundance activator and coach Jason Snaddon inspired the Academy last fortnight with his practical teachings on the laws of attraction. He also led a powerful meditation,  channelling light language while transmitting activation codes to the audience.  Jason founded his own […]

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AOL Bulletin : 28th November 2018 : The Time for Giving

In and Around the Academy Simon Hollington – Heart Based Conscious Living Heart shaman, yogi and meditation teacher Simon Hollington enlightened a packed audience at the Academy of Light with his wisdom on heart-based consciousness.  “It’s time to come home to yourself “ explains Simon. As we move into ascension and the fifth dimension, it […]

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Academy of Light Bulletin : 31st October 2018 – Be Present

In and Around the Academy Spiritual teacher Ocha talked to a full house at the Academy, through her keepership of the Earth Heart Axis, about how we can easily connect to the heart of Mother Earth. She guided us through a deep meditation, using her light language to connect our hearts to the heart of […]

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AOL Bulletin : 17th October 2018 – Being Connected

In and Around the Academy Tom Ledder gave us a unique hands-on opportunity to experience the light healing codes of the Selenite Swords of Light. The evening began with a crystal bowl cleansing by sound healer Cynthia Kendall, followed by the powerful light language of Maryke del Castillo. We were then each given a selenite […]

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AOL Bulletin: 3rd October 2018 – Connecting to Our Joy

In and Around the Academy Veronica Sanchez spoke to a full house at the Academy of Light on September 24 about the function of the pineal gland or third eye – considered by many spiritualists as the gateway to the soul. Veronica Sanchez trained as a ‘pinealist’ in Chile and is now on a mission […]

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