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AOL Bulletin : 20th March 2019 – Look Beyond

In and Around the Academy Fiona Mackillop Last Monday saw us back in our old venue The Melody Room, because the Orchestra was using the main Hall. There was some initial trepidation that the noise would be intrusive, so we set an intention for it flow harmoniously and the result worked surprisingly well. Nice and […]

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AOL Bulletin : 6th March 2019 – Practices For the Spirit

  In and Around the Academy February 25 – Julia Smith –Energy Healer and Galactic Conduit by Eva Burbury A regular presenter at the Academy of Light, energy healer Julia Smith captivated her audience with fascinating stories about her galactic experiences. She also taught us how to connect with our galactic lineage through light codes. […]

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AOL Bulletin: 20th February 2019: Transformation

In and Around the Academy Findhorn, Scotland – A Global Mecca for Spiritual Seekers Jacqueline Buckingham gave the Academy of Light an inspirational insight about living in the world-renowned Findhorn spiritual community and ecovillage in Northeast Scotland, home to more than 400 people from around the world. Since its beginnings in the early 1960s, Findhorn […]

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AOL Bulletin : 6th February 2019 – Happy Lunar New Year

In and Around the Academy AOL’s Final Sacred Sound Event for 2018 – a Divine Alchemy of Sounds for the Soul By Eva Burbury 2018 ended on a high at the Academy of Light’s final Sacred Sound event of the year. Led by the talented sound healers Paulien Gort and Matthew James, it was a […]

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AOL Bulletin : 30th January 2019 : Blessings for the New Year

In and Around the Academy Happy New Year to all our wonderful subscribers. We hope you all had a glorious start to 2019. We are looking forward to another year of amazing and inspiring speakers to bring to you over the coming year. We also look forward to seeing you at our events and for those […]

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