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AOL Bulletin : 15th April 2020 – Finding Inspiration

Previous event: Sacred Sound Bath On Facebook Live Paulien Gort and Matthew James teamed up again to create a unique sound healing experience in cyber space – as we launch into another week of lockdown in Australia.  We enjoyed listening to the magical healing sounds of Paulien’s alchemy crystal singing bowls, shamanic drum, gongs and […]

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AOL Bulletin : 1st April 2020 – Academy Of Light Joins The Zoom Boom

Previous event: Shamanic Healing Online Shamanic healer and teacher Mark Steinward joined us on Zoom, creating a sacred online space and guiding us through a powerful journey to meet our Spirit Guides. Despite a few technological glitches at the beginning, our Zoom session soon transformed into a deep shamanic experience, proving that distance does not affect […]

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AOL Bulletin : 18th March 2020 – Stay In Peace

The Academy and COVID-19 The Committee at the Academy of Light feels that especially in times like this it is important to be able to gather and feel the support of like-minded souls now more than ever, knowing that we will create a safe place. We would therefore like to continue our two-monthly evenings as […]

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AOL Bulletin : 4th March 2020 – Invite Ease and Grace Into Your Life

Previous event: Divine Feminine – Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonnas Astrologist, Jungian psychologist, author and pilgrimage guide, Gerry Taylor- Wood shared her mystical experiences and insights into the Divine Feminine during her talk at the Academy last week.Gerry is the co-founder of the Grail Haven Healing Sanctuary on Mt Tamborine in Queensland. Gerry was […]

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AOL Bulletin : 19th February 2020 – Shamanic Healings

Introducing the Committee Members I’m delighted to let you know that at the last Annual General Meeting in December 6 Committee members were chosen to help bring the message of Light out into the world through the Academy of Light.They are introducing themselves below. President and Treasurer: Paulien Gort I’m a Sound Healer and Family Constellations facilitator at White Raven Healing […]

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