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AOL Bulletin : 22nd May 2019 – Feeling Your Vibration

Blissful Sound Bath – Heart Activating and Transformative Academy of Light enjoyed another blissful Sacred Sound Event led by the beautiful healers with sound Paulien Gort and Matthew James. This is the second time that Paulien and Matthew have played together at the Academy – following their successful performance at the Academy late last year. […]

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AOL Bulletin : 8th May 2019 – Embracing Change

Medicine Crow – Native American Healer and Master Shaman Master Shaman, spiritual healer and musician, Dr Medicine Crow spoke about the path to self-empowerment and personal freedom to 50 attendees at the Academy of Light. Coming from a Cherokee Indian background, Medicine Crow combines his ancient spiritual healing techniques with extensive knowledge in the esoteric […]

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AOL Bulletin : 24th April 2019 – Finding the Magic

Rosemary & John Butterworth We had a wonderful evening forming a group of 33 people to be of service to the earth, to balance her elements connecting to liquid love. Rosemary opened up the evening by asking us all to let go “who we are not” and to clear the words spoken every day, and […]

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AOL Bulletin : 3rd April 2019 – Finding Your Path

In and Around the Academy Valerie Barrow – 25th March It has been a privilege and absolute pleasure to have had Valerie Barrow come to the Academy on 25th March. The Grand Hall was well filled with people interested in hearing more about our origins. Valerie has written three books with the fourth one on […]

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AOL Bulletin : 20th March 2019 – Look Beyond

In and Around the Academy Fiona Mackillop Last Monday saw us back in our old venue The Melody Room, because the Orchestra was using the main Hall. There was some initial trepidation that the noise would be intrusive, so we set an intention for it flow harmoniously and the result worked surprisingly well. Nice and […]

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