AOL Bulletin : 5th August 2020 – Finding Peace Within

Previous Event : The Antares Seals – Return of the Holy Grail – Prophetic Symbols Guiding Humans

Author, Scott Mathias spoke to the Academy of Light about the importance of raising our frequencies NOW – as we transition to 5D reality. He revealed how the Antares Seals, a series of 12 high frequency symbols, can help elevate the vibration of humans and Earth as we navigate the journey ‘home’.
Born in New Zealand, Scott is an award winning journalist, researcher and author. He is also an accomplished whole food plant-based chef, having written 4 books on plant-based food preparation.
Scott was shown the symbols by his cosmic family, the EL’an, who originally came from the ancient Antares planet. The symbols are based on the truths of the former Antareans. 
‘The symbols have been used for millennia to help restore the presence of the Divine in the hearts of those experiencing disconnection. Planet Earth is going through a birthing process. By understanding the seals and merging them into our hearts, we can find our connection home to Source to create heaven on earth.(the Holy Grail)’. 
‘The EL’an are assisting our planet as it goes through a planetary frequency upgrade and as we move into our electric bodies. The 12 seals can help make the transition to 5D smoother.’ 
Scott explained that he is a walk-in – not a channel. A walk-in is when the original soul leaves the body, allowing another (higher vibrational) soul to walk in. This can happen during an accident or a period of extreme trauma. His walk-in occurred in 1987 – when he was suffering deep grief, from the loss of a child. 
‘Extra-terrestrials from EL’an (or other higher vibrational planets) sometimes make agreements with a soul to inhabit a human body. These missions are difficult because of the energetic consequences of living in a 3D magnetic matrix.’ 
Scott had originally received the Antares seals way back in 2002, but was guided to publish them in 2019 – almost twenty years later. 
According to Scott, the best way to integrate the symbols is by sitting quietly, meditating on each of the seals, while listening to their high frequency tones. Each seal has its own frequency tones – ranging from 1056Hz to 2336 Hz – which can be accessed on the following link.

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Monday  10th August 2020
Without Truth There is No Wisdom with Beverley Buckley

‘Everything in its place’ How & why we create patterns in our lives.
After twenty years of research Beverley Buckley has discovered a way for people to easily access knowledge stored in the subconscious. Access to this information allows insight into how and why we create the patterns of our lives – and what is needed to change patterns that no longer serve us.
This lead her to creating an effective healing modality that she has used for many years with both children & adults. This technique actually allows people to heal themselves. It is called: the Stress Defusion process. It also opens the door to understanding the history of mankind by bringing all of mankind’s experiences to conscious awareness.
Beverley learned that her purpose in this lifetime was to:“remember the encoded knowledge, be open to all information relevant to changes in Earth’s vibrational shift and to seek information from the highest source to help people understand that they have the power to heal themselves.”
Beverley was originally going to head up from Tasmania to join us but now will be joining us via Zoom. She will be promoting her book: ‘Everything in its place’ How & why we create the patterns in our lives.
On the night she will talk about her book and will give us some practical exercises to test our level of brain connection and also give us a really easy tool to shut down mind chatter.

The Antares Seals – Return of the Holy Grail – Prophetic Symbols Guiding Humans (cont’d)

‘Place each of the seals in sequence strategically about your home or workplace. By glancing at them and reciting their meaning, your DNA will be re-activated, and you will remember them. The process can take an hour, 24 hours or longer. But once it begins, there is no turning back.‘ 
He explained some of the benefits of working with the seals. ‘Your heart becomes your ears and eyes – filtering all that you react with. Your heart is a portal to the Divine Source.‘ 
‘The seals also help you become more highly tuned to the frequencies of the sun. Sunlight enters through the eyes via the retina and optic nerve. Yet, we have been programmed to wear sunglasses, which prohibit the free flow of pure light into the human soul. Sungazing, on the other hand, increases the penetration of sun energy into the optic nerve, imbuing you with pure Cosmic knowledge.’ 
When you calibrate your vibrations to the frequency of the seals, the optic nerve becomes highly tuned to the truth. You are not as easily programmed by mainstream media. As you begin to match your own frequencies with those of the seals, your optic nerve gradually opens up, activating the Pineal and Hippocampus glands. 
The seals also help to activate your vibrational language. ‘Once there was a single language of communication on earth called Gar’wish, which was a simple series of tones and sound – allowing humans to communicate emotionally or energetically. As we become exposed to billions of new sounds, the harmonics of the human body begin to change. When you utter these tones, you liberate yourself from the fears of living in the 3D world.‘ 
‘You are here to help re-energise Earth. When you practice love, care and compassion to all, Mother Earth will be energised, revived and renewed as the memory of her ‘true self’ is awakened.’ 
For more information about how the Antares Seals can help raise your frequency and the frequency of Earth, you can purchase Scott’s book at his website. This is a special link to get his book with free postage.
The book is surprisingly easy to read – yet packed with vital information to help you reclaim your power.
Scott has kindly made his presentation available for our newsletter readers YouTube, click on the following link. CLICK HERE. 
If you would like to contact Scott, you can also email him at Scott Mathias

Further information about The Antares Seals can also be obtained directly from the website.

Written by Eva Burbury

FYI – Make An Impact

Make an Impact: Rick Rigsby, motivational speaker,author, minister and former college professor, delivers a powerful speech on how his father’s teachings have guided him through the most troubling times of his life.

WIth humour and conviction, watch and listen as Rick shows us the wisdom he grew up with,  Totally inspiring.

Click here.  Just over 10 minutes.

Words of Wisdom to Live By with Jim Carrey

Louise Hay has influenced and helped so many millions of people all over the world.  Watch this video of 10 of her rules of success.

Jim Carrey, a well loved comedian shares his insights on the meaning of life with the graduating students of Maharishi International University.  Spoken with humour, love and humility this speech will truely inspire you.  

Click here for abridged version.  Just over 8 minutes.
Click here for full version.  Just over 26 mins

Thought of the Week

You can’t get to wellness if you are frightened about sickness.
– Abraham

Affirmations – say it daily and slowly, feel it, believe it

I step outside, bringing tranquility with me into the world.

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