AOL Bulletin : 1st July 2020 – Empower Yourself

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Anick Patry, empowerment mentor and voice healer, gave the Academy powerful tools and practical tips on how to manifest easily, especially during these unusual times of social distancing and isolation.
Becoming aware of how we are manifesting is essential during times of change – as we navigate the process of recreating ourselves and our lives.
Anick began her workshop by emphasising that “the mind is not the boss of you.“ She also said that “Now, more than ever, we need to be operating from our heart centres. When you live from the heart, your outer world changes.
Our bodies operate at a certain frequency or vibration. When we live from the heart, we increase our vibration, and it becomes easier to attract a new reality, new relationships, new job, or more clients.”
Anick encourages us to be moving our bodies more. Our bodies are energy in motion. Daily exercise supports, not only our physical health, but also our emotional well-being. 
It also goes without staying that we need to be more conscious of what we put into our bodies. “If you eat crap, you think crap and you manifest crap.” 
Maintain a state where you can feel good as often as you can. Do what bring you joy – singing, music, hot bath, massage. Whatever works for you. 
If you are not present in the moment, the subconscious mind takes over. How can you create something new if you keep reliving the past?
“Follow your heart and take action. If you have an idea, take action before your left brain kicks in and tells you why you can’t have it.”

** This will be continued after the Events below **

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Monday  6th July 2020
Creating a New Future with Rosemary Butterworth

We live in incredible times. COVID19 has changed not only our individual lives but each nation. It is the same for everyone. The world is experiencing so many different challenges . But out of this is emerging the potential for a new way of living. People have begun to care for each other. This is creating an opening for us to create a new beginning.
The energy coming onto the planet now is very high but to use this energy creatively, we must be empty. How can we possibly use this new high energy if we are full of memories and feelings from the past if we are still operating from old ideas and patterns that we’ve picked up and claimed as our own? All these must be released from the cells of our body which need to be empty for this abundant new energy to enter, for us to use to create a new world.
I intend to lead you into a meditation with angels at your side that will help take these old thoughts, patterns and feelings from your body cells as you meditate. This meditation was given to me by Archangel Haniel, who will assist the process. It is the most wonderful feeling to be empty and to know you have a new beginning to create the future you want. 
It is truly the dawning of a new world.

Born naturally clairvoyant,clairaudient and clairsentient, Rosemary Butterworth uses these talents to assist you to move forward and to connect to who you truly are. After an extraordinary  encounter with Archangel Michael in Hawaii in 1993, Rosemary and others founded The Southern Cross Academy of Light in 1996 which then became the Academy of Light in recent years. She is available for sessions either by phone or in person (0414) 941543; Email:

Monday  27th July 2020
Introducing the Antares Seals with Scott Matthias

The Antares Seals Introductory Presentation July 27th, 2020

The time for consciously integrating higher frequencies is NOW. As Scott reveals The Twelve Antares Seals you will be given insights into how these support the current transition away from the 3D and into 5-6D+ frequencies.
‘There is no need for further searching’ Scott Mathias, Author and Facilitator.
Scott is a former television journalist in Australia and New Zealand and a ’rounds person’ in Australia’s Federal Parliament, Canberra. He is an accomplished internationally published author, with four books on whole food plant based lifestyle.
His latest book – “The Antares Seals – Return Of The Holy Grail, Prophetic Symbols From The EL’an Flyers Guiding Humans Home” is his ‘coming out’, as he relates his experiences as a ‘walk-in’, and the release of Twelve Seals he consciously received in 2002, via his Cosmic family species called EL’an, originating from the ancient Antares Planet.
The Antares Seals are ancient symbols imbued with the pure essential essence of the Prime Source, free of dogma associated with organised belief systems and social dogma based on eons of superstition and subjugation.
Their meaning is shared along with the measurable frequency modulation designed to provide motivation, love and support for Humans ready and willing to step into their new Electric Bodies.
Scott will share his ‘walk-in’ experience and riveting information about the work of the ELaAn on supporting the current planetary frequency upgrade. He will reveal the truth of his existence and his role in supporting Humans in the remaining days of their ‘consciousness deprivation’ at the hands of what he refers to as the shadowers and deceivers.

Please note: This event will be via Zoom and in person in the Mosman Art Gallery. 

Manifesting in 7 Steps – 7 Chakras with Anick (cont’d)

Anick then guided us on an inner journey with her process to explore our heart’s desires. Placing our hands on the heart, we asked ourselves these questions.

1.What does my heart desire?
2.How is it going to make me feel?
3.Why do I want that?
4.What is in the way to have more of this?
5.What is one inspired action to bring that desire close to me?
6.What can I let go of that doesn’t support me?

Self doubt and worrying about what others think is a common issue that members shared with the group. Anick emphasised that letting go of fear and self-doubt is essential for manifesting your dreams.  
Anick is currently launching group course  titled ‘Manifesting the 7 Steps – 7 Chakras’. It is designed to help you move forward by clearing blocks in the chakras – the seven major energy centres in the body and support you bringing your heart’s desire, your next project into your physical reality. 
Anick explained each aspect of the chakras that you will be discovering and healing in her manifesting course.

1.The root chakra is about building solid foundations – releasing any beliefs you adopted from your family that don’t serve you. Otherwise, the tree will never grow. 
2.The sacral chakra is learning how to share your creativity and have fun – letting your creative juices flow. 
3.The solar plexus chakra governs your identity – who you think you are and who you are. You will learn to build your self esteem and confidence as a sovereign being. 
4.The heart chakra opens up when you learn to let go of fear. You cannot be living from your heart if your heart is not open. 
5.The throat chakra is about communicating clearly what you want. 
6.The third eye chakra helps you use your imagination to envision your goals. 
7. The crown chakra is about learning to uplift the thoughts that you send out to the universe and filtering the information you receive . If you project healthy thoughts and loving energy onto others, you attract more of what you desire.

The cost of the seven week process is $555 + GST.  Click here to book tickets.

If you would like to be supported on your manifestation journey, contact Anick on her Facebook Business page
and join her FB group for highly sensitive empowered leaders:

Written by Eva Burbury 

FYI – Our Beautiful World – The Milky Way

An Australian photographer has taken a time-lapse video over the Milky Way over the Tasmania’s Bay of Fires.
How wonderful is our world !  Click here to watch.

The Essence of Water

Watch this video of the amazing experiments conducted by the Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto on the quality of water and how music, prayer and even thoughts have on the crystal formation of the water molecules.  Imagine the effect of music, prayers and thoughts on our bodies as we almost 80% water.

Watch here. Just over 6 mins

Thought of the Week

Your best teacher is your last mistake

Affirmations – say it daily and slowly, feel it, believe it

My self esteem is high because I honour who I am.

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