AOL Bulletin : 4th September 2019 – Feel the Energy

Know Yourself Through Your Pet With Bianca de Reus

We had a very interesting night listening to Soul Connection and Animal Communication Mentor, Bianca de Reus. 

She talked about how the behaviour of our pets can be a mirror for us. Your pet is telling you something when it is behaving in a certain way. Whenever you see a change in behaviour of your pet you can ask yourself if you have changed your behaviour as well and your pet is mirroring it back to you. 
Bianca mentioned an example of a client who’s pet became quite unfriendly when she came home from work. When Bianca checked in with the pet, it became clear that the client had a certain behaviour that was not only affecting her own health in a negative way but also affecting the other people in the household. After she became aware of this she changed her behaviour and as a result her pet calmed down again. 
I was surprised to hear that dogs are not naturally aggressive. I always thought that certain breeds were more aggressive than others, but Bianca said, from her experience, that it is simply a reflection of their owners.
She told us how to connect with our pet by being in the heart and projecting a green light around us. Pets can communicate with us in many different ways. You can receive images, hear words, hear songs, see colours, etc. Usually the animal uses the type of communication that his owner would understand most. 

This article is continued after the events below.

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Monday 9th September 2019
New Ways to Heal in the New Consciousness

Doris Wittmann

There is a whole new world (and energy) accessible to you and I want to show it to you and explain how to use that to create repeatable magic in your life in the simplest and lightest way possible. Lovingly powerful. Especially if you are a parent, healer, teacher or wellness practitioner.
We talk a lot about new consciousness and higher dimensions but what does it really mean TO YOU? How can you access it now? And why?
All my life, my guides have shown me easier yet more powerful ways to achieve my goals. They have taken me into other dimensions and to other stars and planets to show me why I am here and how to work in alignment with the big divine plan.
I am sharing it all with you on this evening including an attunement/activation.

Joseph Campbell wrote about our lives as the Heroes Journey and for me the most exciting part of our journey is the homecoming. That’s where we are now, on the cusp of coming home to ourselves, the divine, our communities and the greater universal wholeness.
Please join me and let’s each find our way home, together…

Doris Wittmann is a Creative Visionary & Spirit Channel who taps into the greater consciousness for gentle loving guidance. Her goal is to introduce love, trust and acceptance wherever there is fear, doubt and uncertainty. She assists people to live their freedom to be in the highest vibration they can be.   
She will bring her CD’s with meditations and her beautiful art work of ascended masters and other light beings for sale on the night.

*Tickets at the door: $20, Concession:$10
Tickets via Eventbrite:$17.50 plus booking fees, Concession $10 (includes light refresments)

Monday 23rd September 2019
Sacred Sound Event with Paulien Gort and Matthew James

Paulien Gort & Matthew Jame

Join us for this relaxing and rejuvenating Sacred Sound Event with Paulien Gort and Matthew James. Be immersed by the sounds of beautiful healing instruments like Tibetan and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Monochord, Shaman Drum and Light Language, powerful ancient healing songs. Matthew will bring his Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Handpan and Tongue Drum to add into the mix. 
Together we will create a beautiful soundscape making you float away into different realms and facilitating healing on every level. The cells of your body will be saturated with healing frequencies and will activate the innate healing intelligence of your body helping you into a state of peace and well-being. 
You will feel cleansed, relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of the night.  

Bring a rug/blanket and pillow to lie down or sit as you allow your body to be immersed in these wonderful healing sounds.

Paulien Gort is a Sound Healer who offers one-on-one Sound Healing sessions and who offers regular Sacred Toning Sound Baths in North Narrabeen and Sydney area.

Matthew James is an Intuitive Sound Healer who collaborates with Meditation and Yoga teachers and Healers using Sound Harmonic Frequencies to communicate a Universal Language of Love. 

*Tickets at the door: $20, concession: $10
Tickets via Eventbrite: $15 plus booking fees (include light refreshments), concession: $10.

Know Yourself Through Your Pet With Bianca de Reus? (cont’d)

After explaining the connection process Bianca was leading us in a connection exercise with our own pet or a pet nearby. I connected with a cat that is my neighbours’. As soon as I connected with him I saw an image that he was crying inside because he had been taken too soon from his mother. 
People often wonder if the message that they are getting is really from their pet. It works best if you fully trust the process and invite your ego to be alongside you, and go with the process as well.
We all went home curious if our pets would behave differently after just having communicated with them. It’s wonderful to have learned a way to connect with them on a regular basis.

Bianca has just published a book called: ‘Hello? Can you hear me?’
She generously offered you a signed copy of her book at a reduced price of $19.95+postage (RRP $24.95+postage). You can order your copy via this link: Upon checkout, use coupon code: HCYHMBook to receive your reduced price.

Here is a personal message from Bianca:
“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to share with you the beautiful process of connecting with our beloved animals. 

FYI – Homeless Angel

Mike Caro is on a mission – to rid the town of Lansing of homelessness. He spends one week every year feeding and clothing the homelessness, raising awareness and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

Click here to watch – less than 4 mins

The Human Skills We Need In An Unpredictable World

The more we rely on technology to make us efficient, the fewer skills we have to confront the unexpected, says writer and entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan. She shares why we need less tech and more messy human skills — imagination, humility, bravery — to solve problems in business, government and life in an unpredictable age. “We are brave enough to invent things we’ve never seen before,” she says. “We can make any future we choose.”
Click here to listen.

Thought of the Week

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.
– Howard Zinn

Affirmations – say it daily and slowly, feel it, believe it

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

An endless reservoir of creativity lies within me.

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