AOL Bulletin : 21st August 2019 – Heal Your Life

Change your life with Tesla Metamorphosis

Anya Petrovic, the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis, spoke to the Academy of Light about why this energy work is attracting attention among scientists worldwide.
Clients report healings from conditions that are considered incurable by orthodox medicine, even from spinal injuries and birth deformities. This powerful healing modality can change your DNA. More importantly, Tesla Metamorphosis has the potential to raise human consciousness.
Internationally recognised healer, teacher, and author, Anya was previously a Reiki Master teacher and Reconnective healer who assisted at Eric Pearl’s seminars. She now runs seminars around the world, training students on this powerful new healing modality.
According to scientists, Tesla Metamorphosis is different from other healing modalities because this is the only modality where Tesla waves are registered. Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) images document the presence of Tesla waves, named after the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla who called them “non-hertzian waves “. Tesla claimed these waves are in the domain of a new physics. Unlike Hertzian, they get stronger with distance.
Anya explains “I believe that Tesla waves were always around. There are probably many other frequencies or levels of consciousness that we have not yet accessed. As our consciousness elevates, there is more available for us out there – and we can access these energies without the use of machines.”

This article is continued after the events below.

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Monday 26th August 2019
Know Yourself Through Your Pet

Do you observe your pet and identify any persistent behaviour that irritate you? Well pay attention; your pet is telling you something!

Are you paying attention to your pet? Do you know why your animal friend is behaving in a certain way? Have you even thought that you may be the cause of how they show up and interact with you?

‘Wait…what?! Me?’ I hear you say…yes you!

Bianca de Reus, soul connection mentor and author of the book ‘Hello? Can you hear me?’ is joining us to talk about HOW you can identify WHAT is going on for your pet, so TOGETHER you can work on resolving the challenges, by taking inspired action.

If you feel out of alignment with your pet, then you might also be out of alignment with your self. You may have noticed some shift in their behaviour, or your own, changes in eating habits or sleeping habits. Whatever it is, you will certainly learn some tips animal communication and soul connection, so that you know what to do and how to help your furry friend, feathery and slithery friends, if not yourself!

Bianca helps animals lovers to connect deeply with their animal friends, by tuning into animal language through one-to-one and group programs. Bianca is a game changing animal communicator and soul connection mentor who works outside the norm, and takes people to a higher energy when working with animals.

*Tickets at the door: $20, Concession:$10
Tickets via Eventbrite:$15 plus booking fees, Concession $10 (includes light refresments)

Monday 9th September 2019
New Ways to Heal in the New Consciousness

Doris Wittmann

There is a whole new world (and energy) accessible to you and I want to show it to you and explain how to use that to create repeatable magic in your life in the simplest and lightest way possible. Lovingly powerful. Especially if you are a parent, healer, teacher or wellness practitioner.
We talk a lot about new consciousness and higher dimensions but what does it really mean TO YOU? How can you access it now? And why?
All my life, my guides have shown me easier yet more powerful ways to achieve my goals. They have taken me into other dimensions and to other stars and planets to show me why I am here and how to work in alignment with the big divine plan.
I am sharing it all with you on this evening including an attunement/activation.

Joseph Campbell wrote about our lives as the Heroes Journey and for me the most exciting part of our journey is the homecoming. That’s where we are now, on the cusp of coming home to ourselves, the divine, our communities and the greater universal wholeness.
Please join me and let’s each find our way home, together…

Doris Wittmann is a Creative Visionary & Spirit Channel who taps into the greater consciousness for gentle loving guidance. Her goal is to introduce love, trust and acceptance wherever there is fear, doubt and uncertainty. She assists people to live their freedom to be in the highest vibration they can be.   
She will bring her CD’s with meditations and her beautiful art work of ascended masters and other light beings for sale on the night.

*Tickets at the door: $20, Concession:$10
Tickets via Eventbrite:$15 plus booking fees, Concession $10 (includes light refresments)

Change Your Life with Tesla Metamorphosis (cont’d)

Tesla Metamorphosis also helps students to connect to their higher guidance through their heart consciousness.
“The heart has a more direct communication with ether, than the brain. It is a source of deeper intuitive guidance. Geniuses were capable of accessing information through their heart consciousness. Nikola Tesla said: “In the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.”
Research at the HeartMath Institute also shows that if we can access the intelligence of the heart, we improve our ability to make sound decisions.
Anya explains “We have the power to change the world if we learned to listen to our hearts. Fear is our worst enemy, because we can be easily manipulated if we live in fear.”
“If we learn to radiate more love instead of fear, the world can be transformed overnight.”
At the end of the evening, Anya guided us through a simple, yet powerful exercise on how to radiate love and expand our heart consciousness.
If you are interested in learning more about Tesla Metamorphosis, Anya is conducting a free Introduction to Tesla Metamorphosis on August 23 in Sydney.

More information on:

Anya’s book ‘Tesla Metamorphosis – Heal and Evolve ’ provides a fascinating account of how this new healing modality evolved. It can be purchased at her website.

FYI – Yoga for Health

Yoga For Health: To unleash vibrancy and energy, learn these simple yoga practices so you can move into higher levels of health and wellbeing. This video is from Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation.
Less than 15 mins. Click here to watch.

How to Live Before You Die

In this inspirational video Steve Jobs shares the pivotal moments that shaped his life and career.
He explains how seemingly meaningless moments, can have a profound impact on future events – such as when he sat in on calligraphy classes at college.
Click here to listen. 15 mins

Thought of the Week

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Love Heart

My heart is full of love for who I am

Community Events

Connecting Consciousness Australia

Sat 24/08/2019 at 1:30 – 10pm
Leela Centre Lvl 2, 115 Oxford St Darlinghurst
** Our very own Warren Mitchell will be speaking at this event **

Enjoy an inspiring day sharing with aware and open minded colleagues with presentations from:
Wazza Mitchell on personal contactee experience speaking the language of the Anasazi. Overview of the WingMakers and Law of One material and common principles we can apply to daily life.
Dr Maree Batchelor on leaving the Matrix and conscious DNA activation;
Marie Antoinette on the current ascension stages we are in and what that means for us all;
Gyom Page on Electroculuture, and the art of using the planet’s electromagnetic field for the benefit of agriculture, with pyramids, copper wire etc, aliens and the Secret Space Program, the use of 5G to supress humanity.

Included: Tea, coffee, water, juice and snacks during the day.
For dinner we will go to Govindas in Darlinghurst Road together (at own expense)

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