AOL Bulletin : 7th August 2019 – Think Differently

Last event: Tameera Kemp

We had a wonderful evening and about 20 people came to see Tameera and learn about how Numerology and Astrology affects us in our everyday lives. Tameera has been working in this field for the past 20 years and works with clients all over the world with even some Hollywood celebs among them.
It was a very informative and fun evening in which Tameera demonstrated to us how to calculate our ‘face’, ‘attitude’, ‘life force’ numbers. Tameera went on to describe how this plays out in our lives. By the time the evening was over we knew how to do these basic calculations in respect to how we present to others in the world (face), who we actually are (attitude) and our life force number (purpose). We went on to learn how to work out our hearts desire number and destiny number. I found it amazing how accurate it was and how much sense it made.
You can basically work out the number of many every day things like the number of your house, your license plate, your phone number and how to adjust it to bring for example more wealth into your home. The possibilities are endless!
It was a very informative evening and everyone I spoke to had a fantastic time learning about themselves and the key people in their lives.
Big thanks to Tameera for a wonderful evening of learning about how Numerology and Astrology affect us everyday lives. We are looking forward to having her back next year.
0415 794 897

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Where : Mosman Arts & Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road. When: 2nd and 4th Monday Night every month 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Monday 12th August
Listen to Your Heart to Reach the Wisdom of Gods

Anya Petrovic with Book

Anya Petrovic is the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis, internationally recognised teacher, speaker and author from Australia. She has spoken before at the Academy about Tesla Metamorphosis. This time she will talk about how we can learn to reconnect with our heart consciousness.
We were thought to rely on our logical mind. Now, it is scientifically confirmed that our heart has more direct access to Information from Active Aether (The Field, Akasha), then our brain. Geniuses receive information through heart consciousness.  Nikola Tesla said: ” My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration! “

The HeartMath Institute from California announced: “This research, replicated by several institutions, suggests that heart intuitive processes access a field of information that is not limited by the boundaries of time and space – throughout the energetic or spiritual heart. It’s the source of our deeper intuitive guidance – Heart Intelligence.”
Come and learn how we can access this deeper intuitive guidance from our heart.

*Tickets at the door: $20, Concession:$10
Tickets via Eventbrite:$15 plus booking fees, Concession $10 (includes light refresments)

Know Yourself Through Your Pet

Do you observe your pet and identify any persistent behaviour that irritate you? Well pay attention; your pet is telling you something!

Are you paying attention to your pet? Do you know why your animal friend is behaving in a certain way? Have you even thought that you may be the cause of how they show up and interact with you?

‘Wait…what?! Me?’ I hear you say…yes you!

Bianca de Reus, soul connection mentor and author of the book ‘Hello? Can you hear me?’ is joining us to talk about HOW you can identify WHAT is going on for your pet, so TOGETHER you can work on resolving the challenges, by taking inspired action.

If you feel out of alignment with your pet, then you might also be out of alignment with your self. You may have noticed some shift in their behaviour, or your own, changes in eating habits or sleeping habits. Whatever it is, you will certainly learn some tips animal communication and soul connection, so that you know what to do and how to help your furry friend, feathery and slithery friends, if not yourself!

Bianca helps animals lovers to connect deeply with their animal friends, by tuning into animal language through one-to-one and group programs. Bianca is a game changing animal communicator and soul connection mentor who works outside the norm, and takes people to a higher energy when working with animals.

*Tickets at the door: $20, Concession:$10
Tickets via Eventbrite:$15 plus booking fees, Concession $10 (includes light refresments)

FYI – Change Your Breath, Change Your Life

We do it as long as we live but mostly aren’t aware of it: breathing. In his talk Lucas breaks down the fundamentals of yoga breathing in a way that you can easily remember and apply to your practice. Lucas shows us how three breathing practices – water, whiskey, or coffee – can be used as a tool and help us to overcome any situation.
Click here to learn these techniques. Just over 12 mins

One Thing to Know About Your Brain That Will Change Your Life

Ann Herrmann_Nehdi asks the question, “Do you manage your brain or does it manage you?” In order to reach your full potential and get the most out of your brain, you need to understand how it works and what you can do to better use it.
Click here to watch. 15 mins

Thought of the Week

It does not take much for a human being to live well. Only when you are trying to imitate someone else, it takes a lot.
– Sadhguru

Affirmations – say it daily and slowly, feel it, believe it

I am, and always will be, enough

Community Events


23 August at 7pm Introduction to Tesla Metamorphosis – FREE register
23 – 25 August Tesla Metamorphosis I – Tesla Healing Metamorphosis
27 – 29 August Tesla Metamorphosis II – Tesla Soul Communication
30 August – 01 September Tesla Metamorphosis III – Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis

ANYA PETROVIC, the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis®, internationally recognised teacher, healer and author, will lead you, and you will immediately harness the healing frequencies legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla, worked with. Clients report recovery from “incurable” illnesses, even from birth deformities and a physically injured spine, usually after only 3 sessions. Tesla Waves, unique for this modality, bring transformation of the whole being. They elevate human consciousness, enabling students to create communication with clients on the conscious, subconscious and integrative mind level, though they were not aware of such their abilities before. (Testimonials).
You will learn how to radiate Love from your heart chakra. This is important for the healing process, and is also a powerful survival tool.

Everybody can master this healing work! After the completion of each seminar you will receive Certificates, to be eligible to work professionally as a Tesla Metamorphosis Practitioner.



CLICK HERE to watch some of Anya’s interviews

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