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February 25 – Julia Smith –Energy Healer and Galactic Conduit

by Eva Burbury

Julia Smith Feb 2019A regular presenter at the Academy of Light, energy healer Julia Smith captivated her audience with fascinating stories about her galactic experiences. She also taught us how to connect with our galactic lineage through light codes.
Julia ‘s spiritual awakening began in 2008. A series of synchronised events led to a visit to Easter Island in 2013, where she had her first galactic experience. She bi-located to the centre of a mountain where she met beings from another dimension.
“The encounter taught me that bi-location is real, that Inner Earth beings are real, and we are able to contact other dimensional beings when we have the aligned state of being to it occurring.”
Julia has since travelled to many sacred sites around the world including Machu Picchu, Israel, Jordan, Mt Shasta and Sedona – where she receives downloads and is involved in the transfer of cosmic light energy. Interestingly, her most profound awakening occurred in Australia at Uluru, where she made her first contact with the Pleiadians.
The Pleiadians communicated that they were involved in the seeding of the newly created humans on Earth. Due to the Earth descending in vibration to the 3rd dimension, the experiment did not go as planned. We are now being assisted by many other higher dimensional beings to transition to the fifth dimension.
“Our galactic families are helping us to lift our vibration so that we can expand more light onto Earth.”
Julia led us through a guided meditation, during which we were each given the opportunity to focus on different light codes to activate memories of our galactic lineage. The energies were powerful. During the meditation, I felt a strong vibration in my third eye and pineal gland area. I also felt my body temperature increase and a surge of energy.
Galactic light codes are symbols that represent the language of light, comprising sacred geometry and cosmic information. Light codes can bypass the traditional language centres of the brain and communicate directly to you. You can access light codes through a website link by intuitive channel Wendy Kennedy at
“It is imperative that we lift our vibrations to anchor the higher frequencies of the New Earth. This will make our transition to fifth dimension much easier.“
Julia also discussed how forgiveness can help us to get off the wheel of karma . “Ask yourself -How can I infuse more love into what I say or do? It can be challenging, especially if the people around us are unloving. Sometimes, rather than react, you can defuse an explosive situation by simply asking them if they are okay.”
“Ascension requires us to heal our past and love ourselves up. Forgiveness is a powerful way to release your attachment to the past. “
As we forgive and let go of the past, we retrieve our soul fragments and collapse our timelines. In other words, our physical self merges with our non-physical Divine Self.
Ascension is an inner journey. When we heal, we expand our energy field. We allow room for more light and create heaven on earth.
Julia provides aura readings, and sound and energy healing sessions. If you would like to have a personal session with Julia, you can contact her at:

Mobile: 0404 619 148

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Monday 11th March 2019

An Evening of Powerful Transformation through Movement, Breath and Sound with Fiona Mackillop

Fiona MackillopGather together to powerfully transform your energy and open into the next level of life’s potential. Through movement, breath and sound, let go of the old and open to the new. Be supported to move forward with grace and ease.
Fiona is an experienced Wellbeing Facilitator and healer, with 16 years’ experience teaching Qigong & Meditation. She is the co-founder of ‘Wellbeing Retreats’ and founder of ‘Inspired Wellbeing’ and has facilitated a wide variety of wellness programs & live-in retreats.
Fiona will introduce easy energy gathering exercises and self-healing techniques based on the profound healing art of Qigong. You will learn to cleanse your energy field and powerfully build your ‘Qi (life force). Qigong supports us to exchange and harmonise our energy with nature. Connect with the unified field to open to our unlimited potential.
You will then be led on a Sacred Sound meditative journey. Fiona will channel through sounds toned in the ‘Ancient Language of Light’. Sounding by-passes the mind and supports all to be held in a high vibrational space, to release old patterns and have great shifts in consciousness.
The evening will complete with a relaxing Gong Sound Bath. This will ground and integrate all we have received, gifting this to humanity and the earth. Bliss out as the vibrations of the moon Gong wash over you!

We will be in the Melody Room.

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Monday 25th March 2019

The Creation of the First Humans with Valerie Barrow

On March 25, the Academy of Light is privileged to host Australian author and gifted medium Valerie Barrow, who channels cosmic messages of immense significance for all mankind.
As a galactic ambassador, Valerie has been in clairaudient contact with the Star People for many years. She will discuss the Star People and their role in raising earth consciousness as we move into the fifth dimension.
Valerie transmits teachings from her guides – Sanat Kumara, Alcheringa and the Cosmic Sai Baba. She has written three books: The Book of Love by a Medium, Alcheringa, and Two Soulmates. She has appeared on various television and radio programs, and her Star People Revisited workshops were featured in several countries including Australia, USA, and Southeast Asia.
Valerie is a direct voice channel for ‘Alcheringa’, known to the Australian Aborigines as ‘Creator Spirit Ancestor’ or ‘The Golden One’. She is also a speaker at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru in January 2020.
Over the past year, Valerie has been in contact with her ‘oversoul’ self, Andromeda Val, who is 6,000 years ahead into our future. According to Valerie, the Angelic Realms from Andromeda organized for our Planet Earth to be created.
“ The Andromedans have always been interested in the evolvement of our planet and offer assistance if we ask.  They have created the Adonis Race, who look like humans.  Their plan is to show themselves so that the human race will not be afraid.”

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*Tickets at the door: $20, concession: $10
Tickets via Eventbrite: $15 plus booking fees (include light refreshments), concession: $10.
**We look forward to seeing you at our event but if something comes up refunds will be given with 24 hours notice prior to the event


FYI – 10 Amazing Tips from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo   

Marie KondoWe have heard of the amazing Marie Kondo and her amazing techniques for tidying up.  Sparking joy in life is what we all are looking for, so imagine tidying and organising your house with that as the guideline.  Amazing !!  This video gives us 10 tops tips using the Marie Kondo method.

To watch this inspiring and helpful video click here – 10 mins


7 Year Old Explains Buddhist Chanting 

Buddhist Girl

Ever thought about chanting or teaching your kids to chant?  Listen to this beautiful 7 year old girl explaining chanting, the effects of chanting and one way of doing it.  All in less than 2 minutes.

Click here to watch


Thought Of The Week


Julia Childs

Find something you’re passionate about it and and keep tremendously interested in it.

  • Julia Childs

Affirmation – say daily and slowly, feel it, believe it



I forgive myself and I set myself free.





– GRAIL HAVEN – With Gerry Taylor-Wood & Richard De Welles

Come join us on an exciting and transformational, spiritual journey.
Staying at the beautiful Grail Haven Retreat Centre, in an area known for its deep mystical history we will visit sites of the White Goddess, be moved by the Mary Magdalene relics in Provence, bathe in the healing waters of Lourdes. Staying near the Medieval town of Carcassonne we visit Cathar Castles – attend the annual Gypsy Festival – French Mystery School teachings – Knights Templar – Rennes le Chateau and so much more.

22nd May – Please click here for the itinerary or look on our website –
Phone: 0424080391

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