AOL Bulletin – 29th March, 2017 – Back to Basics

The aim of this week’s newsletter is to remind you to look within.

F.Y.I. –  Be Positive, Be Happy

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Universe – Dr Wayne Dyer

Wayne DyerClip of Dr Wayne Dyer’s Power Of Intention where he talks about how changing the way you look at things can make the things you look at change.  This funny three minute you tube is a wonderful reminder that you cannot fix the things outside yourself but the need is to look within.  Enjoy.. Click Here.


 Being Happy In Turbulent Times

Robbie HolzWe cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”       —Albert Einstein

The Planet Is Shifting  People Are Waking Up There Are Tremendous Reasons for Hope  by Robbie Holz.
It’s important to keep in mind there’s a bigger picture at play here and things are not as they appear. Everything is happening exactly the way it is for a reason. Our planet is going through birthing pains. Gaia is becoming a spiritual planet and that means change is necessary. Big change. To accomplish this, we’re all shifting into higher levels of service, peace and love. The darkness isn’t ready to do that, so it needs to leave this planet. And it’s putting up one helluva tantrum on the way out.
One by one, people are shifting out of their fearful, conditioned minds and into their compassionate, loving hearts. It’s a gradual shift that doesn’t happen overnight. But we’re definitely in the midst of it. You’ll discover greater consciousness all around you if you look for it. But you won’t likely hear about it on the popular news channels. They’re selling something else.  Click Here to read more.    Robbie Holz is the author of the award winning book ” Secrets of Aboriginal Healing”

Cultivating Positive Emotions.

Positive EmotionsThis meditation not only creates a state of well being but gives you to opportunity to wish well for another and self.  It helps you accept with kindness where you are and prepares you to move forward.  I found it a very sincere, useful and enjoyable meditation….so do try it. Click here to listen. Rosemary

Invitation : If you have a YouTube clip, encouraging words or a suggested spceaker you would like to share, please let us know. Email us with your suggestions on

Facebook AOL LogoWHAT’S ON AT AOL On Monday Nights

Where : Mosman Arts & Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road. When: Monday Nights 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Entry : $20.00 (You can still pay $15 plus fees on Eventbrite),
Concession for Pensioners or Students: $10.00 Includes light refreshments.

Finish time is 9.30pm.


Monday 3rd April 2017


Sound Night Website



Come along, lay down to enjoy these sounds and bliss out….

Tonight, you will be bathed with the extraordinary sounds of Didgeridoo (Marc Cottee), Crystal Bowls (Jewels Wakeman and Paulien Gort), Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Bells and Chimes (John Butterworth) plus the voices of Jo Van Dermeer, Ellie Francis, Jewels Wakeman and Paulien Gort who will also be playing her Monochord again.
By surrendering, with a quiet mind, to the sound of the giant gongs, bowls, didgeridoo and other musical instruments, the natural intelligence of our body can entrain back to a state of wellbeing. It is then up to you to maintain that state by modifying what you think and consume.
Everything in creation has its own natural rate of vibration which can be accelerated or decreased by other sources of vibration by the scientific law of sympathetic resonance or entrainment.
Bring a rug/blanket and pillow to lie down or sit as you allow your body to be immersed in these wonderful therapeutic and consciousness-expanding sound waves.
The cells of our bodies tune into these beautiful sounds and release toxins embedded thought patterns that no longer serve us and the result is that we feel rested relaxed, CLEANSED and REJEVENATED.
Just as a piano tuner is called in to tune up a Steinway to keep it playing in tune with creation so our bodies need to be ”tuned up” so that each organ of our body knows it is supported and loved, knows it’s place in the scheme of things and is in oneness with all creation.

Join us in the GRAND HALL at Mosman tonight!

For more information:
John and the Gongs:
Marc Cottee:

Julie (Jewels) Wakeman:
Ellie Francis:
Paulien Gort:


*Please note our door ticket prices for general admission is $20.
All general bookings via Eventbrite remain at $15 plus booking fees. Concession prices will remain the same – $10. Ticket prices include light refreshments.

**We look forward to seeing you at our event but if something comes up refunds will be given with 24 hours notice prior to the event.

MONDAY 3rd April 2017


Ocha SheehanYour Soul has developed a matrix of light within the Earth beneath you over many lifetimes and this network links your energy system to the life support system of the Earth Mother. Your Earth Matrix is like a ship of light traveling on a vast sea of energy that stabilises and holds you as your Soul navigates through the stormy waters of creation and manifestation.  This great foundation provides a safe landing pad for your spirit to dock into your physical body with ease and grace so you can step out and share your special gifts here and live your life’s purpose. The Earth Mother awaits you.
See and hear Ocha  on Youtube  – 3minutes Published on Feb 24, 2017. In this Youtube video, Ocha tells us of new teachings about the Earth as a Living Light and highly evolved consciousness to which we are intimately connected. Our energy system extends like the roots of a tree deeply into the Earth to tap into her life support systems for our stability, sense of place and purpose here.
Quote from Ocha:  “Let the Elements bridge the form and formless inside of you Let the Animals show you your authentic self Let the Flowers reflect your beauty back to you Let the Earth Portals cocoon you in the Living Light of Gaia.”
Ocha’s contacts:,

Phone: 0411.575 604

Eventbrite - OCHA SHEEHAN

*Please note our door ticket prices for general admission is $20.
All general bookings via Eventbrite remain at $15 plus booking fees. Concession prices will remain the same – $10. Ticket prices include light refreshments.

**We look forward to seeing you at our event but if something comes up refunds will be given with 24 hours notice prior to the event.

Academy of Light LogoIn and Around the Academy with Ari Porter

NATURAL LAW “Scaffolding the sense of connection” with Trevor Wie
By popular demand, Trevor returned to share more Natural Law with us. This time the scaffolding or framework we can use to connect to our sense-abilities, with examples of experiences with his daughter. Like many skills, the earlier in life we start making the connections and practicing the better. But for us older folk there is still the ability to progress and encourage the young ‘uns. Trevor’s connection with his daughter started at the point of conception, when he saw points of light form into an image. When he related this to his Elders, they said yep, that was normal ! Wow, wish more of us could have that experience.  
Talking to his daughter in the womb, he related what she could expect to experience in the outside world, and he often reminded her to wave when she arrived. When he went to find his daughter in all the photos of the children that had been born recently, it was easy – she was the only one waving ! We were able to see the photo of that beautiful baby already switched on and connected. Children naturally feel energy and we can assist them by explaining what that feeling is associated with. This is the same process Trevor uses in his dowsing workshops, where we are encouraged to build our own database by associating the feeling we experience with the source Trevor helps identify.
We can consciously include this practice into our lives :  Sense – Interpret – Respond. Personal Notes  : * The “tuning in” to the Senses may require the “turning off” of the background thoughts. * It is Respond from Higher Self, not React, which is what the Mind and its programmes like to do.   If you would like to experience hands on workshops with Trevor, you can contact him at Mob. 0402 449 345  E : mailto:naturallaw159@gmail.comand Natural Law page on Facebook  This weekend 1-2 April, he is holding workshops at John & Rosemary’s Farm “Jacaranda Haven” at Dyers Crossing ( 3hr N of Sydney) details

Disclaimer : These is Ari’s subjective recollection of the night and apologies if it doesn’t represent all the presenter and others would have liked reported. 

Thought Of The Week

 ConsciousnessSpiritual Truth: It’s not your circumstances that have to change; it’s your consciousness.
– Deepak Chopra

Affirmation – say daily and slowly, feel it, believe it …

ThoughtsI always have the freedom to choose my own thoughts
– Louise Hay

HEALTH TIP – Mulberry Leaf Tea

Tea LeavesIn traditional Chinese medicine mulberry leaf tea holds an important place, and was regarded as fit for the emperor.  Apart from being exellent fodder for animals, the leaves, as well as the fruit, offer many health benefits to warm blooded creatures, especially humans.  There are numberous websites which can be consulted to learn much about all this, but folowing is a summary of the more significant benefits of mulberry leaf tea from some of them.


  1.  a high content of antioxidants such as beta carotene and ascorbic acid,
  2.  abundant iron, calcium and zinc (a claim is made that there is 25 times the calcium of milk, 10 times the iron of spinach, and 24% protein in the leaves.)
  3. an ability to lower blood glucose levels – reduces glucose spikes in diabetes sufferers,
  4. an ability to lower LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol and triglycerides based on 280g of leaf powder taken in small doses over three months.
  5. in turn, this reducews the chance of atherosclerosis if taken regularly,
  6. regular consumption helps to reduce inflammation and associated pain,
  7. by inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates, which would normallyh turn in glucose, it can aid in weight loss,
  8. its considerable magnesium content boosts metabolic energy, strengthens the immune system and helps maintain normal blood pressure,
  9. it is claimed to act as ablood tonic, helping to cleanse the liver and kidneys,
  10. the claimed high content of Vitamin A helps to emhance eyesignt and reduce eye strain, and
  11. its content of Vitamin B2 is cliamed to enhance thyroid activity and benefit the nervous system and the gastro-intenstinal tract.

TO MAKE LEAF TEA, one heaped teaspoon of torn or chopped green leaf or a quarter that amount of dried leaf (one heaped teaspoon), steeped as for ordinary green or black tea – 3 – 5 mins – is sufficient to make two mugs.
From:  News Leaf, Autumn 2017. Biodynamic
Agriculture Australia Ltd.



Discovery Expo 1

Discovery Expo Sunshine Coast QLD 6-7 May 2017

A weekend of Inspiration, Self-Discovery & Clarity

With Metaphysical / Spiritual / Alternative therapies / Energy / Healing / Psychics + much more

Discovery brings a weekend of mystery and awareness offering all aspects of metaphysics, alternative & holistic therapies and healing’s as well this country’s most authentic readers & coaches from all methodologies including mediums, psychics & intuitive’s as well as a variety of over 75 conscious minded exhibitors. Offering a variety of services, modalities and products.
Discovery brings together a not-to-be-missed event for those on a self-discovery journey, those wishing to awaken their own spirit & who need guidance and clarity or just a push in the right direction. A weekend of inspiration, self discovery & guidance with top intuitive readers, self development & coaching gurus.
Psychic readings, Live platform shows, Talks, Workshops , Meditations and Exhibitors. Healthy food and refreshments and live authentic conscious music all weekend.Discovery Expo

Only $10 try / $15 weekend pass For more information click here.

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Our mailing address is:

Exciting 6 Week Mediumship & Psychic Development Course

Mediumship CourseLevel 1 – Beginners
Starting Thursday April 20th in Crows Nest, Sydney
If you’re interested in developing your Mediumship and Psychic skills then this highly experiential 6 week beginners course is for you.
|You will get plenty of opportunities to practice exercises and activities to grow and expand your sixth sense in a safe and comfortable environment with lovely like-minded people.
Time and dates: 7pm-8.45pm, each Thursday for 6 weeks starting April 20th.
No experience required. This beginners course is open to everyone, at all experience levels.
Investment: $200 for the full 6 week course. Mention “AOL” when booking to get 10% off.

Limited spots available. Contact Gabriel via:
* Email
* Phone 0411 459 126
* Visit



knights-templar Date: 23rd April – to – 12th May 2017 (20 days- approx dates)


with Gerry Taylor-Wood and Richard De Welles

The Knights Templar route across Europe from France to Jerusalem is a mystical, spiritual journey.
The first Christian Crusade left from Vezelay, France. Thousands of Knights were killed. A band of women, seeing the loss of their men folk, formed the Sisterhood of the Rose, a healing order whose crafts included the skilled use of flowers, herbs, plants and crystals.
Our intention is to draw together those who would take the adventurous and sacred journey of the Knights and the Healing Sisterhood of the Rose across Europe – from France, across the islands of the Mediterranean to Acre in the North of Israel and on to Jerusalem.
We visit the relics of Mary Magdalene authenticated by Rome in Provence.
This is a sacred journey requiring spirit and courage. Are you ready to join us on what will be our 23rd and last Sacred Sites journey?
CONTACTS: FACEBOOK: Sacred Sites Tour page Ph: +61 755450414



1ST & 2ND APRIL, 2017.

Day 1 – NATURAL LAW – The Sydney of Natural Law which gave rise to the highly effective and harmonic social system of the Original People. Wellbeing & Goodwill – balancing the Ego, the importance of the full range sense-abilities beyond the five waking senses and much more.$50

Day 2 Intuitive Sensing. The Original peoplies used their full range of sense-abilities and were able to detect disharmonic frequencies and therefore readily avoid them. Click Here to read more about this wonderful weekend, where it is and how to register. $35

 Parents and Carers of Children 


Date: 6th May 2017
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Cost: $75 includes 2 comprehensive manuals and afternoon tea
Venue: Ulladulla

Discover how to transform your children’s emotions and stress. Release what would hinder your children, of all ages, in their home, their studies and friendships. They can then move forward with freedom and grow in their own truth.

Contact: Cath 0431 109 300 or  or Sharron 0407 287 005 or  

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