AOL Bulletin – 26th October 2016 – Magical Universe

The aim of this week’s newsletter is to remind us to open to infinite potential.

F.Y.I. – Watch the Magic Happen

Magical Heart Connections Heal

dogs-in-jailIt is not only humans that are helping to heal others and help shift negative energy – help comes in abundance from the animal kingdom as well.  See what happens when abandoned, mistreated dogs are given to prisoners.  Very heartwarming and well worth watching.  A win/win situation!  Click Here.

Bear Magic

sewing-hopeWe have all been talking about the new children that are being born today.   This short video is about one of them.  Not only do they think differently (he wants to make the children in hospital smile – it is not all about himself) he is taking action and that is the part that amazes me.  How a 9 year old can implement his dream to help others.  Do watch this and be inspired – Click Here

Getting more Magic out of Your Meditation

lazaris-materialThis week, instead of our weekly meditation, we wanted to share this article we just found by Lazarus designed to help you keep the magical state.  Perfect timing we felt as it follows on from listening to Kryon’s comments last week about how once we go out into the 3rd dimensional world we leave behind the state we experienced and the magic. So here’s to keeping the magic.

‘The problem is you cannot stay in meditation all day long. That’s called escaping, that’s called avoiding. You know you must exit your meditation to come back into the world. In returning, you can come back to a world of everyday activity interspersed with bits of magic, that is true. You can come back to a reality interspersed with whispers from your Higher Self and interspersed with messages from the very depths of your Soul. However, too often, however interspersed with such, it is not interspersed enough.

The problem is you leave so much of the magic in your meditations, you do not know how to get it out of meditation into your reality, into your world.

You can put magic into your meditations; can you get it out of them? This is the focus of this discussion. There are techniques that you can develop and utilize. There is a series of techniques that you can work with singularly, or that you can use as adjuncts or compliments to the meditative and the processing-programming techniques that you already know and that you already use.

Our purpose here is not to add additional burden to what you are doing metaphysically. Instead we work to blend ideas and techniques with what you are already using. In this way, the work that you are doing can become more magical. So that the reality you are living can be filled with a greater sense of beauty, and a greater sense of that mystical sort of thing that is called magic.

And so what we want to recommend are techniques that you work with for one week – seven days – and then. After four weeks, there can be more magic. If you wish, you can go back and repeat the techniques; the magic can continue to increase.

So the first week, whatever day you want to begin, just mark your calendar, we want you to begin by working with what we call “Bubbles of Light.” But do work very specifically.’

Click Here to Learn the Technique Lazarus recommends to keep your magic.  

Invitation : If you have a YouTube clip, encouraging words or a suggested speaker you would like to share, please let us know. Email us with your suggestions on

Facebook AOL LogoWHAT’S ON At AOL On Monday Nights

Where : Mosman Arts & Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road. When: Monday Nights 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Entry : $20.00 (You can still pay $15 plus fees on Eventbrite), Concession for Pensioners or Students: $10.00 Includes light refreshments. Finish time is 9.30pm.


MONDAY, 31st October, 2016


Circles of LearningWith Judith Schulz

Come along tonight to find out how to develop whole brain learning, how to help you find how to focus, centre and balance, to feed your brain and empower your decision makingTo live the life we love.

Judith’s passion is to see families working together in a happy and sustainable environment to heal and overcome, to have families working within communities in a happy and sustainable environment to also help parents with children in the autistic spectrum.

Nature is essential to our survival – it is our greatest healer and being in communal garden is an important step towards better health and building community.

Judith will cover the work Circles of Learning does to help deal with learning difficulties and the different ways to develop whole brain learning. Whilst her work is focussed on children, the activities are appropriate for all ages. She will take you through her Vision. And how it is Now time to pull together for the benefit of all. And learn to live the life we love.

Today, twenty percent of Australia’s children experience challenges in learning, with fifteen percent of those having multiple learning difficulties. Most are labelled as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Hyperactivity, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Dyslexia, Autism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and more, and usually fall within the autistic spectrum, from those marginally affected to the more seriously affected. Circles of Learning are committed to providing a range of quality options to manage the many challenges facing families living with highly sensitive children.

Circles of Learning articles include feed your brain and empower your decision making…These latest articles are selected because we believe they give you great information to help you in your family or community life with children – for FREE!


Judith Schulz founded Circles of Learning, (1999) a charitable organisation committed to improving the health and learning of children. She has been instrumental in developing programs to encourage children to connect with nature for body, brain balance and help prevent ADD/ADHD and related health and learning difficulties.
Programs include the Clever Kid School and Pre-School programs and the weekly Garden Circle for Parents and Children run in communal gardens.

Contacts: Ph: 61 2 9327 7750 M: 0434 681 581 E: W:


*Please note that in 2016 our door ticket prices for general admission have been increased to $20. All general bookings via Eventbrite remain at $15 plus booking fees. Concession prices will remain the same – $10. Ticket prices include refreshments.

**We look forward to seeing you at our event but if something comes up refunds will be given with 24 hours notice prior to event.

MONDAY, 7th November 2016

Julia Smith

“The Powerhub of Earth’s Energies in Scotland”

with Julia Smith

Come along tonight for a fun relaxed time with Julia who has just returned from the wilds of Scotland, including Albion and Caledonia. She is very excited to share this journey and the energies with us and tell us about the work she was called to do on the Earth’s grids. Be immersed in the varied and ancient energies and also receive the ancient keys and codes Julia embodied as she speaks to us.

She will share with us the different energies that are there in the mountains, in the Standing Stones, in the Islands, in the Leylines and in the people.  As well as some of the revolutionary information coming to Light about past events.

Julia will lead us in a meditation of high frequency energy to the grid and your presence will add to the magnification of this group energy. This is a Divine Service with Mother Gaia and the Higher Heavenly Realms.

Questions will be welcomed!

Julia is a powerful energy Alchemist & Healer, plus an Earth Multi-dimensional Lightworker and connector with Multi-dimensional Beings.   Julia brings through high frequency heavenly energy and works with the amazing Selenite Swords of Light assisting people to clear and re-align their energy field/chakras/filaments of light to better mind, body and emotional health and accelerate your soul expansion. Julia also answers the call to move around the Earth and work with the Earth’s energy and Beings within it.

Julia’s contacts: Website: Mobile: 0404 619 148 for bookings Julia has written up some of her previous journeys on her blog   Email:   

Eventbrite - The Powerhub of Earth’s Energies in Scotland - With Julia Smith

*Please note that in 2016 our door ticket prices for general admission have been increased to $20. All general bookings via Eventbrite remain at $15 plus booking fees. Concession prices will remain the same – $10. Ticket prices include refreshments.

**We look forward to seeing you at our event but if something comes up refunds will be given with 24 hours notice prior to event.

In and Around the Academy

Academy of Light LogoWith Rosemary Butterworth

As there was no meeting last Monday, 24th October, it gives me a chance to tell you some good news stories.  Last Saturday night at Taree Christian School, in their concert hall, was a production that we, that is John and I, felt would rival anything we have seen at Sydney Opera House and better yet, it was all about a multidimensional girl who could see fairies, gnomes and angels and who, wait for it, came to Earth on a mission to help grow the consciousness of love and compassion.  This musical was inspired by The Telos Book Series by Aurelia Louise Jones with permission from Mount Shasta Light Publishing.

The story was based on the myth of Lemuria, a Utopian civilization that disappeared beneath the sea, except for 25,000 forewarned citizens who built a fifth dimensional crystal city they named Telos, within a mountain called Shasta.  Their mission, to reestablish their lost Utopian world and in so doing, demonstrate that it is possible for all.

Ariana Shneider, Hollywood music in media award nominee, spent 5 years writing the play and the lyrics and the music followed.

She said:  “I see the musical as a vehicle of magic, mystery and movement into other realms and an inspiration for all, but especially the young.  Within us, as human beings, there is the space for limitless, positive expansion.

On a different note, on Saturday afternoon, I spoke at Nabiac (about 4 hours north of Sydney) to a wonderful group of ladies.  I speak to this group, once a month, at Earth, Body and Soul.  I had given them homework to do from the previous month.  The homework was simple they had to write down and bring with them the things in their lives that were the most distressing, worrying and often time, repeating.

At the appropriate time I went around the room and asked each of them what troubled them the most.  The things they mentioned could be categorised as follows:  Relationships, Physical Pain, Career.  As each in turn mentioned what it was, Mother Mary came through me and told them, why and what they were either missing, or what to do.  It was fascinating.  One lady had a pain in her side about the middle of her ribs.  Mother’s answer was:  “You seem to want to present things from ‘your side’, ‘your right’ (it was her right side), and that to you it seems more important.  The lady laughed and Mother told her to keep laughing and that would clear away the pain.  Another said she was stuck in her career and she wanted to leave her job and go to another which would be higher energy.  Mother said, you cannot leave until you understand why you are there.  You are to bring higher energy, higher Light and Love to that place and leave aside your judgement of it.  When you do this you another position will come to you.

I want to share with you the answer Mother gave to the lady who was having great difficulty in her family.  She wasn’t being spoken to and when she tried to speak to her sister, her sister simply put her hand up and walked away.  The answer given to her I also felt was for me.  Mother said to her, Your sister is in pain (so am I said the lady), but you are here to learn compassion.  So she went on to advise her to go home and watch a video of the Dalai Lama who although he watched China torture Tibetan nuns and monks and could no longer go back to his country, he still sends them compassion.

It was indeed wonderful and insightful to hear Mother’s answers.  I will ask Peggy if she has a date in the Academy where I am able to bring through answers from Mother Mary.   Perhaps we could call the evening – Answers from Mother Mary.

Last night (Tuesday) there was magic.  I had rung a number thinking it was a Queensland number and I hung up when there was no answer and didn’t leave a message.  However, when my phone rang at 10:00pm I was very surprised to find at the other end, Michael Bray, whom I had rung but only to find that he was in France. where he had been for over 2 years.  Michael told me that he was there clearing energy from World War 1 to help heal Mother Earth.  Energy that had been trapped when thousands of soldiers had been killed and hadn’t been buried.

It is so uplifting and heart warming to know there are wonderful people out there working for the good of the Earth and humanity.  To read more about Michael’s clearing work Click Here. 

Thought Of The Week

The Universe is saying:
“Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.”

Universe  Klaus Joehle

Affirmation – say daily, feel it, believe it …

“I Open MySelf to the Magic of the Universe.”

galaxies-interacting Teresa Hills

HEALTH TIP – Overcoming Painful Experiences

Robbie HolzRobbie Hotz has written a wonderfully simple article on how to overcome painful experiences.  We all know that our cells, our DNA and our epigenetics have memory.  It is absolutely essential for perfect health that we transform our memories.

It serves a purpose – View it has your Soul’s perspective…
Remember your ultimate goal – it’s a chance for the older soul to find compassion and unconditional love….
Compassion Releases Your Pain – You need to accept that people are where they are in their evolution. As you open your heart to find compassion and acceptance…
Turn it into a Blessing – Your mind may not have liked it but your soul found it rich with opportunity….

To get a more in depth understanding of Robbie suggestions to overcome painful experiences click here to read her article.

You can find Robbie’s first book  – Secrets of Aboriginal Healing – click here to go to our online store.



Your Wellbeing: Live the life you want


Saturday, 26 November 2016, 9:30am to 5:30pm, Balmain

Facilitated by Jude Tasker and Andrew O’Keeffe

Many people have things that hold them back from living the life they want.

In this wellbeing workshop, Jude and Andrew will guide you to:

  1. Identify the thoughts, beliefs and actions that hold you back from the wellbeing you desire.
  1. Understand human nature and how we can use this knowledge to maintain personal power and build effective relationships.
  1. Identify your goals and create an action plan to realise your aspirations.

This workshop is limited to 8 participants.
To find out more click to view workshop flyer.

Contact: Jude 0437303446,  
or Andrew 0412616047,

Channelled Healing Workshops


CHANNELLED WRITING – November 6th & 20th 2016 – $60

Double Bay – Bookings Essential

For details click here to view flyer.


Delphine is an Intuitive, Energetic Healer and Clairvoyant channelling Higher Guidance in private healing sessions. She also offers workshops and various groups for the purpose of opening others to their own intuitive and healing abilities. She shares information and demonstrates ways you can receive higher guidance intuitively and work with healing energy.

Delphine teaches, facilitates and guides in a calm and purposeful manner which allows you to open to information comfortably and confidently in a relaxed, safe and energetic space.

She enjoys connecting people who want to practise healing and/or share questions and answers, particularly other healers who want to continually open to more.

Private Healing Sessions by appointment Double Bay and Balmain – 0409 998 561


Exciting 6 Week Course…
Mediumship & Psychic Development

meditation-gmarksStarting November 10th in Crows Nest.

If you’re interested in developing your Mediumship and Psychic skills then this highly experiential 6 week course is for you.

You will get plenty of opportunities to practice exercises and activities to grow and expand your sixth sense in a safe and comfortable environment with lovely like-minded people.

Time and dates: 7.15pm-9pm, each Thursday for 6 weeks starting November 10th.

No experience required. This course is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie, or more, you’re welcome.

Earlybird investment is $135 for the full 6 week course if paid before October 31st.
Bookings from November 1st are $150 for the full 6 week course.

GabrielMarksTo reserve your spot please contact Gabriel via:
Email: or phone: 0411 459 126 or visit Gabriel’s site

Valerie Barrow


Valerie is a past life regressionist and she is able to read your past life on the phone. Have fun and learn about who you have been and why you are here. When you come here – you forget quite a bit – but the memory comes back as the frequency of the earth raises – that is why there is so much more talk about Starpeople these days. The younger ones coming to earth bodies now, can remember more easily. Are you one of the star people?

The 5th dimension is the frequency of where all on Earth, and the earth herself, are heading – it has the same frequency of Crystal or Christ or Christos – it is the level playing field for all Souls to attain – and is known as the GOLDEN AGE.

To make an appointment: M: 0409 389 372 E:

Valerie Barrow will be one of the Inspirational Speakers at the ” 2017 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Conference at Byron Bay, NSW, on the weekend of 15-16 January 2017.

Visit Valerie’s Web site:

Note: Valerie Barrow is the author of Alcheringa and which is available on the Academy’s Website.


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