It must seem strange to hear that we need to connect to the Earth Mother when there are so many tumultuous natural events all over the world that create so much upheaval for our towns and people’s lives. How to stay connected to the Earth Mother’s heart when she seems to be so unpredictable and powerfully unstable. This uncertainty is compounded for those experiencing life changing situations for them personally, as so many are.

You have probably heard about the Earth changes; her north pole is moving at a rate of about 60km pa towards Russia according to Gregg Braden, and her magnetic field has been in decline for the last 2000 years, which has occurred 14 times in the last 4.5 million years. The Earth’s frequency (heart beat) is speeding up ~ the pulse of the planet is twice that of the mid 1980s, and our body and consciousness is trying to keep up. It also may seem strange to hear that it is our choice whether we do or not.

For to speak of the Earth Mother’s heart is to include the collective heart of humanity, because there are many worlds held within her, and we are one of those worlds. Each human being is like a very large tree energetically, which is why the trees are so important to us on many levels. We have a root system made of light that is unique in its shape and connects us to the energy system of the Earth. Through this we share the life support system of love, light and creation with Gaia for our health and well being. This includes prana, plasma, life force, creation codes, inner guidance, the anchoring of our energy and a foundation from which to safely grow and express our true self.

We also have a “trunk” and a “canopy” through which the gifts of the stars, the suns and the moons, stream down with many divine frequencies of light, love and creation, marrying with all that we receive from the Earth within our heart.

The Earth is receiving these new quotients of light from the heavens as well, and she is upgrading constantly through her core and tectonic plates.

The more that we consciously connect to the above and below of our being, the more we will be empowered by our soul (Earth) and spirit (Heavens) to navigate our way through the Earth changes and to tap into the infinite resources of the Earth. By healing the separation from her energy systems and evolving consciousness, we will design our cities and towns in co-creation with her, giving her natural systems the room to move and change to maintain the Great Balance. As this unfolds, we also do this for ourselves, giving our own soul and spirit room to move, to be wild and free, sharing our soul gifts as stewards of the Earth. Then we become the living light of Gaia.

Blessed be, with all my love, Ocha