The Superwaves of last year and now of 2016, don’t emanate from the sun, but from Galactic Centre.

They aren’t solar flares, but massive gamma bursts, awakening all matter. Animal behaviour has altered – even the minerals wish to evolve.

We were first alerted to the imminence of these in 2015 by Dr. Simon Atkins, a British Meteorologist / Futurist. There are many interviews etc. on Dr. Atkins’ announcements of the impending waves (commencing August/September 2015) and here is one such. Doctors (in Physics)  Paul LaViolette and Susan Joy Rennison have been predicting these waves for years.

This is a 3 hour interview:

Jul 29, 2015 – Dr. Simon Atkins discusses the 2015 Frequency Shift with Michelle Walling. …Dr. Paul LaViolette’s “galactic superwave” prediction – in December 2019.

As we are very involved with tracking the incremental increase of human consciousness, we monitored this process enthusiastically.

Numerous sensitive friends began to report an unusual build up of energies in mid-year of 2015. Symptoms were similar to the previously notified “Ascension symptoms”, ie feeling heart palpitations, joint pains, vertigo and general brain fog and word scrambling, short term memory loss and waves of sleep at inconvenient times of the day, and sleeplessness at night. Another annoying symptom I found was hot flushes. Being safely post menopausal, I could attest that was not the cause.

Particularly weird were the heat sensations on the back of the head and back – which would suddenly “ignite”. We checked with an Ayurvedic Healer friend from India, who reported that there are 64 newly activating chakra points on the back of the head, buffering or transducing access by the energy waves to the pineal gland. This is closer to the back of the head (eyes in the back of one’s head). There are also numerous such points now activating and centred around the heart to protect it… hence feelings of chest constriction and palpitations which we and others were feeling when these energies were at a high surge point. These new chakra points are providing a shield for these sensitive areas – thank goodness –  just in the same way as the planet is being buffered from these Super Waves by a circle of ships which are ‘stepping down’ or transducing the energies to ensure our planet’s safety. I did have a super diagram showing the symmetrical disposition of ships around the planet, some are enormous. They are referred to often as Andromedan biospheres which are protecting our solar system and not just from superwaves.

We also started to monitor, with Mark using kinesiology, the change in the Schumann Resonance, which began to rise in August from its long time 7.83herz to around 11 at the end of September 2015,  and  which has steadily increased since then  to almost three times what it was at that time. The effect of this energy is to polarise everything, exposing the best and worst in people – revealing aberrant behaviours on all fronts. The Truth is finally “outing”.

The late British Metaphysician and friend of Sir George Trevelyan, Stanley Messenger, predicted many years ago that seven hundred years forward from the Battle of Bannockburn (1315) and the Declaration of Arbroath (1320), “something very interesting will happen”.

Our interpretation of this is that at long last, the consciousness of all humanity will awaken to the point where the I AM presence can be integrated. Two thirds are apparently on the train, and one third is still waiting on the platform. We have dowsed that a substantial portion of the human population has reduced, though these figures are not showing up or have been deliberately hidden. These would be those humans who have housed reptilian entities.  We can’t prove this, of course.

In May of last year, Auralia sent me this link, which speaks of the awakening of the full blueprint of humanity’s Divine Self, aka the Albion. To quote from the article lined below:

The Albion is the androgynous human template created from the twelve spheres of the Tree of Life which, during the fall of humankind, became buried in the lower dimensional fields of the earth, waiting to be awakened.

Awakening Albion – Energetic Synthesis – Lisa Renee…/2628-awakening-albion. Dear Ascending Family,. In the ancient days, the oldest name for England was Albion. The name for Scotland in the Celtic.

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, entangled in all of this is an emergence of the truth of the life on earth of the Christ, (born in Scotland of a Gaelic-Davidic line) and the expected return – in the guise of the Chrystal higher consciousness to which all may now have access.  The final one third of the population of earth will, it seems, receive their ticket after the June solstice and the next wave which will comprise the highest energies ever to be directed at this system and our planet.  

We find these events absolutely thrilling, as they provide us with milestones of our progress upward and onward. Our indigenous colleagues have been saying for some time “2017 is important”, others say 2020 but we sense that events are moving much faster and in any case time is very rubbery these days.

By Fiona Reynolds

May 2016