AOL Bulletin – 25th May, 2016 – Step Up – Step Out

The aim of this week’s newsletter is to remind us how to keep pace with the new vibrations of love.

FYI – The Energies of Love

Third Wave X

Third Wave x - Jennifer LucusJennifer Lucas shares some amazing insights into the Third Wave X.  It is worth reading now as we move through this phase.  Although she is talking about the Northern Hemisphere in timing remember the same amount of energy is effecting us as well.

The Third Wave X will sweep through us during the summer solstice on June 20th 2016 lifts the rest of humanity to the 5D frequency of New Earth. This photonic gamma wave is the strongest, longest, and highest influxation of Christed Diamond Light Codes to ever sweep across our planet.  This unprecedented occurance brings us to another extraordinary global mass ascension called, the Third Wave.  Click here to read the full article.

This Tugs At The Heart Strings

the presentThis is a must view, watch it to the end. The Present by Jacob Frey is only 4 minutes and yet it that 4 minutes you will be able to watch your judgement and open your heart.  No matter what your handicap in life is – look for the joy.  Rumour has it that the Student Creators of this animation were just offered jobs at Disney Animation and Pixar because of it’s quality.  Click here to watch the 4 minute short film.

 15 Minute All Chakra – Tuning, Meditation and Balancing

Chakra meditatonChakras are wheels of energy, and they must be balanced. This video will help you find that balance. You can’t just balance one, you must balance them all if you are to find synchronicity within yourself and the world around you.

The audio frequencies, graphic designs and colors in this video are for meditating and tuning all the Chakras daily.

You could try listening to it once a day to start a new practise to support the New You on a New Earth.  After 7 days increase the process to twice – say once on rising and then again just before bed.  We know meditation reduces stress in your physical body allowing everything to work a little better but another benefit that is rarely thought about is the benefit to the brain.  Any new practise allows new neural pathways to be created – in this case pathways of a high vibration.  Try it and see.  Note the changes as you go through and see what happens.

Click here to listen and to start your new practise!

Invitation : If you have a YouTube clip, encouraging words or a suggested speaker you would like to share, please let us know. Email us with your suggestions on

Facebook AOL LogoWHAT’S ON At the Academy

Where : Mosman Arts & Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road. When: Monday Nights 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Entry : $20.00 (You can still pay $15 plus fees on Eventbrite), Concession for Pensioners or Students: $10.00 Includes light refreshments. Finish time is 9.30pm


MONDAY, 30th MAY 2016

Nancy Valentine Smith Love , Abundance & Prosperity
The Nature of this Reality

with Nancy Valentine Smith

This will be a night of receiving Knowledge, codes and understanding of our realities.

Would you like to receive the energy to change your poverty and lack consciousness into prosperity consciousness? Once we recognise where and why we create it, it becomes very simple to change this. The Masters said this is what we need right now to let go our old patterns.

So why live in lack when we can have prosperity?

This is a night of healing AND Conversations with the Masters.

About Nancy Valentine Smith
Nancy is a facilitator who spent her childhood learning in the different Spiritual realms. She accesses the Spiritual World easily and was taught by many different beings such as Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, the Arcturians, the Sirian Council, the Council of Elders, the Elemental & Inner Earth Keepers, and many more. Nancy also has access the chambers and Halls of the Akashic Records, Nancy will retrieve books and manuscripts when appropriate, to assist many people on their Journey of Divine Self Realisation. Working with Quantum Healing and multi-dimensional realities, Nancy is an Oracle, using Shamanic and Alchemical techniques.

Over the years, Nancy has continuously received upgrades from the many levels of the Spiritual Realms, of what she received in her learnings as a child. Nancy currently facilitates © Awakening Through The Heart Workshops, Sacred Song Energetic Healings, readings by phone and Skype, and Meditation/Activation classes.
To receive Nancy’s monthly Energy Forecast and Activation go to her website below to subscribe or to book a session with Nancy.

Nancy’s contact:

Eventbrite - Love , Abundance & Prosperity with Nancy Valentine Smith

*Please note that in 2016 our door ticket prices for general admission have been increased to $20. All general bookings via Eventbrite remain at $15 plus booking fees. Concession prices will remain the same – $10. Ticket prices include refreshments.

**We look forward to seeing you at our event but if something comes up refunds will be given with 24 hours notice prior to event.

MONDAY, 6th JUNE 2016

Pillars of the New Earth

– What does this mean and how we get there?”

With Rebecca Brown – SoultoSoul Healing and Teaching

Rebecca is a New Earth Pioneer & Guide and is here to help each individual ‘cross the rainbow bridge’ into the New Earth.

Tonight you will learn about …
* Pillars of the New Earth, what they mean and how we get there.
* Key attitude shifts that are needed in order to align with the New Earth energies
* The Divine Human Energy system
* Latest downloads from Spirit – “The Alchemy of Transformation” and the “Top 3 Spiritual Accelerators”

Plus receive a download of lightcodes

Have you been hearing the terms New Earth and Divine Human and need to know more?

We are going through a paradigm shift and much of what we have learnt along the spiritual journey is shifting into a new consciousness based in Wholeness and Divine Love.   Rebecca has channelled the Pillars of the New Earth, the foundations for a new humanity.

Rebecca Brown - SoulToSoul Rebecca will discuss the Pillars of the New Earth, what they mean and how we get there. She will talk about some key attitude shifts that are needed in order to align with the New Earth energies. Rebecca will also show you the Divine Human Energy system and talk about some of her latest downloads from Spirit – “The Alchemy of Transformation” and the “Top 3 Spiritual Accelerators”

As Rebecca is a multi-dimensional teacher, she shares through transmission. You will also receive a download of lightcodes to help your soul move forward on it’s path of becoming the Divine Human on the New Earth. People from all walks of life are here to be the Divine Human and co-create the New Earth, it is not only the healers and teachers. Every industry, every age, every race!!! Follow your heart to join us to co-create a Divine New Humanity!

Rebecca’s contacts:
Soul Specialist, Advanced Lightworker & Multi-Dimensional Teacher

SoultoSoul Healing & Teaching   f.
m. 0402 327 215     e.      w.

Eventbrite - THE NEW EARTH AND THE DIVINE HUMAN with Rebecca Brown

*Please note that in 2016 our door ticket prices for general admission have been increased to $20. All general bookings via Eventbrite remain at $15 plus booking fees. Concession prices will remain the same – $10. Ticket prices include refreshments.

**We look forward to seeing you at our event but if something comes up refunds will be given with 24 hours notice prior to event.

In and Around the Academy

Academy of Light LogoWith Rosemary Butterworth

Suntara (Daniel Coates,), Marc ‘Kundalini’ (didj), Joe Vandermeer (voice harmonics), Adrian Anteros (didj), Eamon  Dilworth (Trumpet) and John Butterworth (gongs) all excelled themselves to make Monday’s Sound Medicine event the best we have ever had.  People lay down on rugs in the Grand Hall at the very beginning of the night and blissed out for over an hour with Suntara singing an incredible range of sounds  while drumming or playing bowls and Marc and Adrian played their didjeridoos.  Joe produced some of the most beautiful harmonics I have ever heard whilst John’s gong playing was superb.  There is nothing like sound to heal, clear your head and body and take you into a state of peace.  A big thank you to the guys from all of us!

This was to be Suntara’s final curtain at the Academy as he is moving with his family to the Gold Coast.  However, I approached him at the conclusion of the evening and said if ever he was coming back to Sydney to do an event in the future, would he perform again at the Academy.  So providing it works in with his schedule we are hoping he can come back in a few months.  So keep your fingers crossed.

Note:  With the higher energies coming onto the planet, sensitive people may be having increased challenges.  We feel that this is one of the reasons the Academy of Light came into being, to keep you informed through the Newsletter and also bring you inspiration, ways to lift you above the challenges and connection to Love and Light.  If you are in Sydney and can come to a meeting you are able to receive instant upliftment in the group through the meditation and the Presentation that follows.  For instance, Nancy Valentine-Smith will bring through activations on Monday that are needed to upgrade with ease and grace through Wave X on June 20th.

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Thought Of The Week 

Look for the people that are smiling, connect with them, give them a smile back and see how that transforms your energy.

Rosemary Butterworth - Michael's Messenger Rosemary Butterworth

Affirmation – say daily, feel it, believe it…

“I Step Up With Love”

Pink Flower by TerriTeresa Hills

HEALTH TIP – Superfood Powders: What You Need To Know


SuperfoodsGood nutrition is the fundamental building block for a healthy body. The foods you eat have the potential to nourish every cell in your body and is your nutritional insurance policy to live longer, feel energised and perform at your optimum best.

Superfoods are the five star foods because of their special ability to support good health. They give us whopping doses of antioxidants and fibre to boost the immune system and help fight illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insulin sensitivity and obesity, as well as keeping us feeling great and looking good! The aim is to incorporate a variety of these foods into our diet and combine this with regular exercise and quality sleep, so you’ll be looking super fantastic and feeling great for many years to come.

Drinking superfood powder can be a powerful way to get in a nutritious, balanced meal on your way out the door. Superfood powders are a powdered food blend that consist of veggies and fruit, that overall create a nutrient dense, high antioxidant rich food product that aims to support optimum health.

Read more from Teresa Cutter – The Healthy Chef  by clicking here.


Open Your Spiritual Channels

Starts This Thursday!

Sha's Golden Healing BallMay 26 – 29 – Co Creation, 83-85 Chandos St. St. Leonards 2065
In Person or Live Webcast
Honour fee – $250
The Soul World is vast. To open your spiritual channels is to open your connection to the Soul World. When you open your spiritual channels, you access higher wisdom and guidance to become your best self.
Discover the power and significance of your 4 spiritual channels:Third Eye, Soul Language, Direct Soul Communication and Direct Knowing Channels.
Or phone 1300 3396815 and email


18ct gold plated with Sterling Silver – Union of Masculine Gold with Feminine Silver
Pendant: $195 each
Post + Handling: $14 within Aust; $20 international (incl insurance)
Order with: Julia Smith – phone or website shop
When you are wearing sacred geometry you are working with in your energy field. These pieces are gorgeous on, radiating light as the sun catches it!!
Merkabah on Flower of Life within the Circle of One

Merkabah on Flower of Life within the Circle of One

Merkabah on Torus Tube within the Circle of One

Merkabah on Torus Tube within the Circle of One

Any questions, please call or email!
Phone – 0404 619 148

Labyrinth Summer School in Sydney

Centennial Park LabyrinthDo you dream of building a labyrinth for yourself or your community?

Veriditas is coming to Sydney for a Labyrinth Summer School from Mon 16th – Sat 21st Jan 2017.

Submerge yourself in the world of labyrinths with Lauren Artress and Lars Howlett, offering a potpourri of experiences designed to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about walking and building labyrinths – all in one inspiring week!

To register for the whole-week discount go to:

For more information about the various workshops, go to

Sydney Labyrinth hold introductory group walks at the Centennial Park Labyrinth at 9.30am on the first Sunday of every month. Come walk the mystery…

Connect with Emily Simpson and the Labyrinth Community on Facebook – Walking the Labyrinth – A Sacred Path

Toning & Sound Healing

***This Thursday!***

Jo Vandermeer and Ellie

date: Thursday, 26th May, 2016
time: 7:30pm-9pm. inc. light refreshments.
place: The New Church, 4 Shirley Rd, Roseville
contact: Joe – 0402 202 456 or Ellie – 02 9456 7576

$10 suggested donation. No need to book, simply turn up.

Join us for this relaxing toning session to experience the healing, calming sounds of our Tibetan bowls and to explore the remarkable overtones of the natural human voice. Part of the session will be spent showing techniques of the practices (no musical experience is required for this).
Past participants have reported that these toning sessions have soothed their mind and touched the soul. Feel free to invite a friend.
Bring a cushion or yoga mat if you wish to sit or lie on the floor.
We suggest contributing $10 as a donation towards costs (more if you wish).
The presenters are Joe Vandermeer and Ellie Frances who have conducted sound healing sessions for over two decades and have much experience in related music and therapy activities.


A community announcement costs $40 for 2 weeks. An advert costs $75 for 2 weeks and can include a picture, plus an attachment of your brochure, plus a small paragraph of up to 100 words. Payment is by Direct Debit into our Bank Account: Academy of Light St George Bank BSB: 112 879 Account No: 485610498 The newsletter goes out to approximately 3,000 people now. To take advantage please email or call our office on (02) 9967 4425, or Skype: Academy of Light. The Academy of Light Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation. It is run with the help of volunteers. If you would like to tithe simply go to the website or you can put a donation directly into our bank account. Many thanks to the people who tithe. May your tithing come back to you a thousandfold.


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