Insight – Action – Healing – Achieving

With Warren Mitchell

 Notes created for and taken at AOL Talk 23 Nov 2015

When I started coming to The Academy, I was like a kid in a lolly shop. I loved the variety, but had trouble digesting it all. It seemed like everybody had THE ANSWER, and if I didn’t do the workshop or see the next healer I wouldn’t get FIXED.

Gradually I came to see that the differences were only in the “packaging”, and there were some core elements that were vitally connected. I saw and heard stories about miracles, but never got one myself. Damn, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if someone just did the “woo-woo” on me and I could live happily ever after.

But I also gradually came to realise I wasn’t the only one that didn’t receive miracles on demand.

Some healers had higher success rates than others, but very few (maybe none?) were 100%. So if I wasn’t going to get it given to me, then maybe I had to work on it. And that has been the “Silver Lining” of the experience that I hope to share with you.

It has been said that the best Coaches, in sport or anything else, are not the gifted ones, but those that had to work harder in their field and could pass on the lessons they had learnt.

I am not here to tell you how it all works, however I am here to facilitate a sharing of some lessons we have learnt to come up with options to help ourselves and others on our Soul’s journey.

Here’s some examples using our combined wisdom to translate some of the “woo-woo” into the “know how’ to help ourselves and others.

What’s the best Tool for the Job – A spanner or a hammer? Depends on the Job, eh? And what about variations in the tool – one size fits all or some a better fit than others?

So we will explore a variety of Tools we can use.


Lets start with Insight, because without Insight our good Intentions and well intended Actions may be ineffective or even unhelpful. Also a bonus:

Clarity (Insight) promotes Calmness (Ben Harvey) and because everything is connected, I also believe the converse:

Calmness promotes Clarity.

So Meditation is a great foundation for many of the methods to gain Insight.

How many ways can we receive Insight into a situation?

Lets have some fun and rank them on a scale of “woo woo”, starting at the high end:

– God or an Angel spoke to me while I was conscious
– Medium / Channelling passed on a message from a Spirit Guide
– Dreams, Astral Travel, Out of Body Experiences (OBEs)
– Cards, eg. Tarot, Intuitive Readers
– Constellations ( ref. Robert Kirby, Paulien – White Raven Healing)
– Dowsing – pendulum, rods
– Kineseology – arm, fingers – loops & crossed
– Coaching = NOT telling people what to do
= Asking Guided Questions, the Client provides the Answers & Insight

We have way more psychic people in the room than in the general population, but most of us don’t hit the top of the scale 24/7.

For those that take advantage of the Intuitive abilities of others, how often is that practical?

How about we play with some of the tools we can all access 24 / 7?

PRACTICE – DOWSING  > “Woo Woo” with Practical Tips

Dowsing is most commonly done with either rods or a pendulum.

How many people use dowsing regularly?   Would you all like to have a play now?

  1. Centre – deep breath, relax
  1. Connect – define the Source, eg. Archangel Michael, Higher Self, Divine Wisdom
    “trigger” words = mini meditation by condensing usual guided meditation instructions. Eg. the feet – the seat – the clothes – the nose – I am connected with My Team : Spirit Guides – Star Families – Ascended Masters & Angels – My Higher Self & Divine Wisdom >>> I AM Connected
  1. Check indication for “Yes” & “No”
  1. Question

                      * Permission to ask from (i) Source (ii) Other Person, if involved

                      * The quality of the Answer depends on the quality of the Question,
the more specific the

                     * Quantitate –        eg. Will this be helpful?   Yes 
                                  Better: How helpful on a scale of 1-5, with 1 =least helpful and 5 = most helpful

                     * Define Criteria     eg. Should I go to the beach today?  
                                  Yes – if you need to relax   No – if you need to meet a deadline
                                  Better: Would it be for my Highest Good to go to the beach today?
                                  Or: Would it give the best Financial outcome for me to invest in Business A or B?

     5. Thank you. Acknowledge gratitude


Similar to Dowsing, but using our own body as an indicator

Eg. Arm (2 people), Fingers – loop ( one firm other indicator ) or crossed

Because Dowsing (Pendulum or Kineseology) only gives a Yes or No answer, if there are many choices it can take a while to work thru them all, so practice splitting, eg. If there are 100 choices, is it less than 50 or more than 50, less than 25 or more than 25 etc?

Practice in pairs: start asking questions with known answer then progress, eg. Birthday

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