AOL Bulletin – 9th September, 2015 – Enlighten Your Brain

The aim of this week’s newsletter is to remind us to be the Light that we are.

FYI – Get Smart
Increases intelligence, makes you smarter and helps everyone! 

Superbrain YogaSuperbrain Yoga® is a simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain. It is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture. This powerful technique is explained in Master Choa Kok Sui’s book Superbrain Yoga®. This has helped average people improve their grades whether in Primary School or University.  It can be used by people of any age. Perhaps even more importantly it has been found to help those with Autism and other intellectual disabilities.  Do watch this Youtube, only 4+mins,
click here


Gaia MeditationLet these pictures and music take you on this wonderful, peaceful journery into the heart of Mother Earth and relax your mind and body.
See her caves of light, crystal and adventure. You are never alone, yet you will find your own inner self.
First, acknowledge your intentions and desires for the world, connect to others meditating with you. Then, as you journey onward, let go of intentions. Begin to feel gratitude and love for Gaia, our Mother Earth and all beings. Together, we step into sacred silence.
9 minutes   To experiences this meditation Click here


CandleCalling All Light Workers to Assist  ~ The world has a humanitarian crisis on its hands.
It is times like this that the Light that you bring through is needed more than ever.  Although the Governments will struggle and accommodate the ever-increasing influx of people crossing new borders,  it is the Earth that will have to provide the food, shelter and clothing.  The Earth, that is being bombed every day, whose skies are being polluted, whose weather patterns are being interrupted by climate change, needs you and the Light you bring through, to re-establish the harmony and peace.
So when you listen to the Gaia Minute Meditation, feel the peace of yourself going out to the heart of the Earth, see Her crops growing abundantly from increased rainfall in drought-stricken areas, see Her forests lush and green, clean rivers and streams teaming with fish and clean air.
You can make a big difference by just sitting in your lounge room meditating, also by joining us on a Monday night!


Facebook AOL LogoWHAT’S ON At the Academy

Where : Mosman Arts & Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road. When: Monday Nights 7.30pm – 9.30pm Entry : $15.00, Concession $10.00 Finish time is 9.30pm


MONDAY, 14th September 2015 at 7.30pm


Christina ChristouLearn how to release the belief system that “Life is Not Fair’ and look for the gift in the situation, with simple, natural, affective tools and meditation to become the ARTIST OF YOUR DREAMS.
The choice is yours and anything is possible !

Christina recently returned from attending the Sun Dance Ceremony of the Lakota tribe in South Dakota. There she witnessed people still carrying the wounds from their past and how that impedes their ability to move forward, to live in the now.
In this talk Christina will share with us her experience during a powerful ceremony and how the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz assisted her own journey. She will guide us through a healing meditation to release the belief system that many of us hold “Life Is Not Fair” and enable us to move forward.
From Christina: Be in Balance, Live in Harmony, Walk in Beauty”
You can become the artist of your dreams, the choice is yours and anything is possible !
Christina’s contacts: E: W:

MONDAY, 21st September 2015 at 7.30pm

The Bridge to the 5th Dimension – Part 3

With Julia Smith and Rosemary Butterworth

Julia Smith - Inner Tranquillity & PeaceRosemary-Lets-Have-FunAN OLD LAW  …  You can only see the truth if you are present. You can only hear and feel if you are present.
You have to first be present to connect to your senses. Perhaps that is why Jesus said:  “Those that have eyes to see, let them see……
Find out your true purpose…
Being present is the main key. Being present feeds our soul for we are connected to All That Is.
Tonight we will also experience what it is like to be present and at the same time notice what our minds are doing.
We are going to look at simple ways, and practice them together and set intentions and ask the Masters to empower these intentions. Then place these intentions into our hearts during a meditation.
“To leave the 3rd dimension we have to first be present.”    
Rosemary –
Julia Smith from Inner Tranquillity and Peace says: “Every organ and body part vibrates to its own sound tone and stress and our lifestyles can cause its resonance to go off key, contributing to illness, emotional stress and not feeling right with the world.”
Last time Julia spoke at the Academy she shared with us simple tips she uses daily to bring her mind back to the present.

Contact Julia:

Academy of Light LogoIn and Around the Academy

With Warren Mitchell  and Peggy Stevens

Rosemary thought Ocha’s work was so important, she had scheduled last Monday night for us to do a follow up to reinforce the benefits. Spirit told her that it was important to energise the 7 chakras along the Eastern Coast of Australia for it will help normalise the weather patterns helping the farmers and everyone.
Our dear Rosemary then became unwell over the weekend, so Peggy and Warren were going to try and bridge the gap. Neither of us had been at Ocha’s last talk, so I called Ocha for a bit of background. When she heard our circumstances she very generously offered to come down again to help out.
Mt Warning or Wollumbin, its traditional name, in Northern NSW is the crown chakra for both the Southern Chakras and the Northern Chakras in Eastern Australia.  Ocha  told us how connecting our chakras with the Earth chakras allowed us to release, heal  and empower our own chakras.  I am used to starting my Chakra meditations at the base and working my way up, but when we started with Wollumbin at the crown I immediately went into a deep space. We then worked our way through the other chakras :
Brow – Round Mountain
Throat – Brumlow Top
Heart – Blue Mountains
Solar Plexus – Mt Kosciusko
Sacral – Mt Bogong
Base – Mt Donna Buang
At each chakra Ocha channelled light language which beautifully reflected the character of each chakra, and we finished with chanting ” Om Gaia Om” which can be used to help connect to Mother Earth anywhere.  A beautiful experience and one to add to our toolbox of practices.
Sorry you weren’t well Rosemary, but like Nev said, “there is always a silver lining” and we had one tonite. Get well soon and Love from us all.    Warren
I found the Chakra and Inner Earth Meditations with Ocha to be a very powerful experience.  I learnt from Ocha  that the Heart of Mother Earth is much larger that the physical Earth itself.  Also we, as beings of Light are the Conduits to bring this Light to Mother Earth so that she, in turn can energise all the elements, rocks and trees, etc to feed us all in many ways. Going into the Inner Earth and chanting “Om Gaia Om” was very powerful and I felt this energy pour out through all the Earth.  Thank you Ocha for your gererosity of Spirit in offering at such short notice to come back to the Academy for this night.   Peggy

If you would like more information on Ocha’s work, see her website

Thought Of The Week

Love and Trust“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”  ~  Lao Tzu

Affirmation – say daily, feel it, believe it…

Forgiveness Meditation“I am at ease with change, I am one with Spirit and Earth”  … “Rose of Raphael”, by Kalina Raphael Rose

Health – The Ultimate Brain Food : Ginger

Fresh_GingerFor some reason Spirit is guiding us to look after our Brain. Perhaps to help us sustain the new energies coming to Mother Earth
Ginger root is a well-recognized health marvel, mending everything from inflammation to cancer to diabetes. But did you know that it can also improve brain function? In our demanding world, acute cognitive ability is essential. Fortunately, ginger is an outstanding ally in the quest for enhanced memory and clarity. Moreover, it plays a substantial role in guarding against brain oxidative stress and neurological disease.
As a functional food, ginger is hard to beat. Used throughout the world as a delicious culinary ingredient, it also has a long track record of healing benefits. Current research has shown ginger can help make you smarter and protect against neurological afflictions too.
To read more, click here




We are honoured to bring this amazing teacher, Bhavya Guar, and workshop to you all the way from Canada!

Saturday October 24th to Sunday October 25th, 2015
Earlybird price: $444.00

Click here for the PDF

This workshop attunes you to the sublime energy of Akasha. It helps you embark on a safe, loving, non-judgemental and healing experiential journey giving insights into who you are and why things are the way they are. This certification workshop enables you to do Akashic record reading for yourself and others.

Akashic records is a healing empowerment tool, your most accurate oracle, assisting and supporting you as you move forward on your life path, past the obstacles, co-creating a loving nurturing relationship in your inner and outer Universe. It brings a shift in awareness bringing the causes into light and simultaneously healing the effects that may be manifesting on many levels.

To read more and enrol click here.

Community Announcements:


6pm Sunday 13th September 2015

Free by webinar or phone  – Monthly
TO REGISTER: Please email OR call 0411 575604  website:

Ocha offers a 1 hour meditation each new moon to connect to the Earth realms and portals of light to activate and illuminate our divine nature and transmit the blessings of our heart out to all of Earth’s nature, her elements and energy systems.Through regular connection to these portals and temples, we grow in our understanding of Gaia’s true nature, as well as that of our own, and begin to recognise how deeply intertwined we are. This creates us to feel more positive, stable, confident and more prepared to accept change, and empowers us to know what our natural role is as a steward of the Earth.
Ocha offers this via webinar or phone so that you can receive this from your own home.
Inviting friends over to receive with you is even more rewarding. You will also be able to attend live in the future.


Friday 11th September 7:30-9pm – Divine Gong Blessing with Master Mirva Inkeri
Co Creation 83-85 Chandos st.  St Leonards
Honour fee $50
Join Master Mirva Inkeri to experience the healing blessing power of a Divine Gong Blessing. This Divine Healing session is unique. This is a Divine soul music healing session. Every participant can ask for healing blessing for any aspect of his or her life. Participants can relax fully in a comfortable environment that enables profound healing and deep transformation to take place. Divine frequency and Divine vibration of the Divine Gong will reverberate through every part of your being.

Saturday & Sunday September 12 &13th – Become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer
With Master Robyn, Master Mirva and Master Carol
Co Creation 83-85 Chandos st.  St Leonards
For more information:
Divine Healing Hands™ are Divine’s soul hands and carry Divine’s healing power to heal and transform every aspect of life. Master Sha or his Divine Channel will transmit Divine Healing Hands to you during the Divine Healing Hands Training Workshop.



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