AOL Bulletin – 29th April 2015 – Laugh & Light Up!

The aim of this week’s newsletter is to remind us to laugh more.

FYI -Shifting Your Consciousness Can Be Fun

Laughter is the Key

Laughing Quadruplet Babies!The energy of laughing is so transformative.  It’s also contagious!  We found a wonderful YouTube this week that has been around for a while but epitomises just that.  Laughing Quadruplet Babies!  fills you with the frequency that can uplift your spirit, body and mind.  Remember the sound as you go through your week.  Watch it more than once if you need to recharge.  Enjoy.  Click here to watch. 

I Am Light

I Am LightIt’s all about frequencies that can uplift and enlighten.  This is a great song by India.Arie with beautiful graphics taking you to a full light body right at the end.  Love it!  Click here to view.


Magic of 9A pattern develops when bisecting a circle – the resulting angle always reduce to nine.  Is there a divine code embedded in a number system?  It is both the singularity and the vacuum. The nine models ‘every’thing and ‘no’thing similtaneously.  To find out why…click here and watch the youtube!

Monday Nights at Mosman Arts & Community Centre


Monday nights are a wonderful, powerful opportunity for all of us to unite, send Light and Love to our family, those in need and especially ourselves. The evening always begins with a meditation followed by a guest speaker. By attending or linking up with our weekly Monday night gatherings you will not only meet likeminded people, be in group energy and rest your mind, you will also raise your vibration and consciousness setting yourself up for the week ahead. See below for the next two weeks topics.

AOL Welcome

We meet every Monday night (except public holidays) at Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road, Mosman.

Session starts: 7.30pm. Entry : $15.00, Concession $10.00

MONDAY, 4th May 2015 at 7.30pm

Healing Spirit Evening!!!

Caitlin WalshInternational Healer, Caitlin Walsh Is Here!

Caitlin is a healing medium and has helped thousands of people all over the world with her connection to the healing forces who work in spirit.
She has been holding group events for people over the last few years with some miraculous results including:
– a woman being unparalysed on the left hand side after being told her condition would only worsen
– a woman’s stiff and arthritic hands being freed so she can use them again
– depression lifted
– chronic fatigue cured
– nausea gone after years and years
– pain disappears
…the list goes on!
Come and see how Caitlin works. Feel the presence of her energy and those who work with her. She may help you unlock the doors you need opening and take you even closer into the world of spirit.
She will certainly help you understand how illness and healing work explaining some of the causes of ill health and showing you some of the simple yet profound ways of healing.
I just cried as soon as I entered the room the energy was so strong!
I felt tingling all over me while she was working on others.”
I entered the room hardly being able to walk and left with free, light knees. Unbelievable!
The next day after the event I could move my arm again after all these years. It’s amazing! Her work is incredible.”
For more info and testimonials see Caitlin’s website

MONDAY, 11th May 2015 at 7.30pm

Financial Abundance MADE EASY

Jason SnaddonJason Snaddon

Why do many people in the Healing and Spiritual World seem to struggle with making money and how can this be shifted?

Jason will lead us in a magical, creative meditation that he personally uses that has brought him incredible abundance.

He is a very successful Real Estate Principal of ‘Love Property’, and is also an Abundance Advocate and Spiritual being who believes that everyone deserves abundance. Since 2005 he has been actively studying the Laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction.  He founded Love Property around the same time and progressively built it into a multi-million dollar business and chooses to live an abundant life!

Manifesting money/being abundant and being spiritual are not mutually exclusive.  It’s so easy … easy and FUN.”

Jason will share his journey of creating financial abundance that will inspire you and share the steps he took to attain this.

Come and be inspired and find out about the practices to use in your day to day life to achieve this easily for ourselves.

Jason is the Principal and Founder of Love Property.
Phone: (02) 8217.9301  Mobile: 0425.332 600

Academy of Light LogoIn and Around the Academy

With Rosemary Butterworth

Those that came experienced extraordinary magic with Master Robyn on Monday Night.  The foundation for magic to happen was set up firstly by Teresa (Terri) Hills when she opened the evening and brought in loving, powerful energies. The next step was taken by Louise Gilmore as she led the group into Oneness during her meditation.

Then the group were ready to allow Master Robyn to open their heart very wide. It felt as though they had bridged the universe, until they dissolved into the energy of Love.   It was a wonderful experience. 

When we come on Monday Nights, our Light grows and our soul gets fed by the meditation and the energy the Presenter brings through. Naturally as individuals we are drawn to come to when there is a presenter or subject that we relate to.  What we know for sure is that when we come together as a group (even linking in distantly is effective) Magic Happens.  Leading on from this, we had a light-bulb moment this morning as we realised that there is a need to not only bring through the Light of the Spiritual Sun to fuel your heart energy; there is an important need to fill the the Academy’s flame as well because this will take us from an individual power level to the power of a group. 

We all want to see more light and love in the world.  Please help us to fuel the Academy’s flame so it glows brighter (from a 200wt glow to a 1000wt glow). Connecting with the Spiritual Sun is the KEY for you and the Academy.  To do this we are suggesting that you:
1. Meditate for 5minutes.
2. And bring down the light of the spiritual sun into your heart.  Feel it warm your heart.  See it glowing brightly.
3. Send that Love, Warmth and Light to the Academy’s flame.  (use the logo on this email to help you connect)

To make it easy for you to do this daily we are going to make a podcast, about 5 minutes long which you can download, connecting you to the Light of the Spiritual Sun, bringing it in to your heart, warming it, sending it then to the Academy’s flame and to your friends and family and places that need it.  We hope to give you the link next week.

Thought Of The Week

Laughter is an instant vacation.

Milton Berle Milton Berle


“Laughter Energises my Heart & Lightens my Life.”

Flower - Rose Bud by Terri  Teresa Hills

Health – Sha’s Golden Healing Ball

Sha's Golden Healing Ball

 A human being consists of soul, mind, and body.  Soul is the essence of life.  Mind is consciousness. Body is the physical body which consists of the body’s matter and the body’s energy.  A human’s health therefore includes physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health.  They are all interrelated and interdependent; when one aspect is out of balance; the balance of the other aspects will be affected.

Your perspective on healing may change once you recognise that:

1.  Chronic pain may be complex in nature, occuring on several levels simultaneously.

2. All pain is related.  Physical pain is related to emotional pain, is related to mental pain, is related to spiritual pain.

3. Effective healing must address one’s whole being, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

4. Bad karma is almost always the root cause of blockages at any level.

Sha’s Golden Healing Ball can alleviate all manner of pain and distress, and is particularly effective as a healing tool for chronic pain.

We have managed to get 5 copies of this book and we are offering them to you at cost price $15 (plus postage $7.50).  Because there are so few email us at ASAP to purchase your copy.

The power and significance of Sha’s Golden Healing Ball has grown beyond comprehension.

To view a wonderful testimonial of its magic click here.



Serve – Heal – Transform

This Saturday!  2nd May, 6.30-8.30pm.

Master Robyn RiceChant for the World

Would you like to experience a deeper sense of Love, Peace and Harmony in every aspect of your life?
Would you like to truly make a difference in the World?
Do you have a desire to spread Love, Peace and Harmony to the animals, nature, Mother Earth and all souls?

Master Robyn Rice invites you to join your hearts and souls together to bring Love, Peace and Harmony.

Everyone Welcome
Complimentary evening
Level 1, 59 Hume Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Register with Madeline 0414 522 419

Community Announcements

Centennial Park LabyrinthWorld Labyrinth Day – Saturday 02 May

World Labyrinth Day, Saturday 02 May @ 1.00pm (arrive at 12.45pm) “Walk as One at 1.00pm” –as part of a world wide community event to celebrate the Labyrinth as a symbol for healing and peace.  Facilitated by Emily Simpson
FREE Monthly Group Walk, Sunday 03 May @ 9.30am (arrive at 9.15am) “Connecting to The Path” -to participate on the first Sunday of every month, in a spirit of community, to learn about the Labyrinth and ourselves. Facilitated by Wendy Rose-Williams  (open all weathers)
Centennial Park Labyrinth, Dickens Drive, (near Willow Pond), Centennial Park, Sydney
Suggestions: Bring a picnic hamper Brunch, have Coffee at the Kiosk, book the Cafe for Lunch, or hire a Bicycle, … 
Wendy, Meditation Facilitator

Theta-HealingCo-Creation Thetahealing are in the Finals of the Australian Trust
Awards 2015

(So once again we invite you to vote for Mark Anthony, Theresa and all at Co-Creation. We feel they deserve your vote so take a minute to click on the link below – takes only a few seconds.)

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that we have made it through to the finals of the Australian Trust Awards 2015! For everyone who has voted for us already would like send out a HUGE thank you for your generous support! We greatly appreciate it.

To win we still need your vote so if you have not voted yet – we encourage you to do so and your support is greatly appreciated. To vote simply click on the link below – it only takes a few seconds to do so.

The Australian Trust Awards is a celebration of the most trusted, respected, and loved businesses in Australia- voted for by the public, these are the businesses you know you can trust!

This is a huge step forward for Thetahealing and spirituality in Australia and Thank you for being a part of it.


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