Australian natural whole plant innovation could present new option for blood glucose management

NutriKane D™ is a supplement taken daily with water or juice. It is made from high quality whole plant sources including gluten free grains, natural flavours and sugarcane varieties (with the sucrose removed). Minimal processing allows the product to retain bioactive micronutrients, vitamins and total dietary fibres.

NutriKane D™ is a natural food product that when used in recommended dosage is as safe eating good food.

Early pilot studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that NutriKane D™ improves intestinal health and is helping many people more effectively manage blood glucose levels. Academy of Light has independently assessed this product and is now partnering with MediKane Pty Ltd, the marketers of NutriKane D to give our members access to try it for FREE and buy NutriKane D™ at a discounted rate.


Initial studies and extensive scientific review has indicated a number of metabolic pathways that MediKane believe are working together to produce a ’whole food‘overall effect. Many of these pathways have been shown to be important to optimal metabolism in all individuals:

NutriKane is high in bioavailable chromium – a nutrient that is known to be both vital to insulin sensitivity, and very hard to get from a modern diet. NutriKane has 30 x the chromium of broccoli (the most common quoted best source of chromium) and 317 x the chromium of whole wheat bread. To put this in perspective to get the daily recommended amount of chromium you would have to consume just under 1.5 cups of broccoli or 30 slices of bread, or you could consume 2 doses of NutriKane.

NutriKane is very high in antioxidants and other essential micronutrients such as potassium. NutriKane has 8 times the antioxidants of green tea more flavonoids than cranberry juice and more potassium than a banana. Many studies have shown that antioxidants help with blood glucose management, blood pressure, cholesterol, and a range of stress and inflammation related conditions.

NutriKane contains a number of high quality total dietary fibres that help digestion, aid absorption of nutrients and promote regularity. A good digestive system is important to all aspects of our lives.

To better understand the benefits of NutriKane to all people MediKane is undertaking large scale trials and being assessed by independent bodies such as:

A 100 patient trial at the Royal Melbourne Hospital has been completed which examines use of specific bowel interventions using fibres including NutriKane to improve continence related patient outcomes. Results showed significant improvement in bowel health when NutriKane was added to their treatment regime.

The Elevate Health clinic has an interest in natural therapies and assessed the effectiveness of NutriKane with one of their patients. “As a client, he has responded astonishingly well to insulin treatment, exercise, nutrition and NutriKane prescription. He has been off insulin for the past 6 weeks whilst being on NutriKane and has regulated his blood glucose levels well. I have never had a client so dedicated to treatment and responded so well. Even his endocrinologist is amazed at his improvement” says Robbie Clark, Clinical Dietician at Elevate Australasia, Sydney. Elevate is now assessing the benefits of NutriKane with other insulin insensitive individuals such as those living with Metabolic syndrome.

MediKane is engaged with Macquarie University under an Australian Research Council grant (in the ITTC program) funding three PhD projects investigating the base science associated with the observed clinical effects of the product.

Several individuals have been engaged in Lifestyle trials where NutriKane was included as part of their normal lives (instead of forcing people onto a strict regime of diet and exercise) in many of the cases (more than 80%) NutriKane was found to provide benefits either to optimising blood glucose management and/or overall health and wellbeing.

NutriKane D


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