AOL Bulletin – 5th November 2014 – Appreciate to Appreciate

The aim of this week’s newsletter is to remind you to go beyond Gratitude.

FYI – Stop, Look & Listen

Listen Consciously To Live Fully

Julian TreasureJulian Treasure’s passion (and mission) is listening.  He believes we are loosing the ability to do it effectively.  He recommends it be taught at school and if introduced he estimates we could see huge changes in one generation.  He says “Conscious listening creates understanding.”  This TED talk is called ‘5 ways to listen better’ and is given a 5 star rating by AOLClick here to watch this video which is just under 8 minutes and practise his 5 simple steps and you will soon appreciate how much conscious listening can change your life.

Appreciate Natures Way

MushroomsFantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit is an excerpt of a film by Louie Schwartzberg taking us into the unknown realms of mushrooms.  He brings our attention to the important role mushrooms play in the survival and health of the earth and human species.  To him the mushroom represents rebirth, rejevenation and regeneration.  Click here to view 2.5 minutes of amazing footage.  Inspiring.

Take off your feathers and fur – we are one.

Frans Lanting  - TED talkFrans Lanting in his TED talk Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom tells of an ancient legend that sees the animals and birds coming together and removing there outer garments to be one every year until a human comes along and makes fun of them.  To this day we still do not appreciate that we are all one.  Beings living on this earth, breathing in the same air, drinking the same water.  Now is the time to see the bigger picture.  Click here to see the beautiful images and hear his thoughts in under 4 minutes.

Thought Of The Week

What you appreciate appreciates.

……….. Juliet Martine Juliet Martine

Affirmation –

Breathe deeply and say daily:-

“I Appreciate All That I AM every day in every way.”

… White Flowers by Terri Teresa Hills

Academy of Light LogoIn and Around the Academy

Rosemary Butterworth

Monday morning on Facebook, Terri said “Our focus today is Manifesting Intelligence with Juliet Martine.  Join us, invest wisely.”  Juliet’s quote that she was referencing was “What are you investing your focus in today?”   I am sure that all the people who turned up realised what a wonderful investment they had made.  If we asked ourselves what am I investing my energy in at this moment, we just might get a surprise.   Being angry, not speaking to people is a bad investment – no return on this.

Juliet made manifesting easy as she reviewed the 5 simple steps she has in her book. Manifesting Intelligence.  But then she gave us the three major obstacles that prevent manifestation occurring.  She gave us an example such as asking for more finances or a man/woman to come into your life.  When re-examing our request we realised that behind it was fear of not being able to pay the rent/bills or fear of being alone.  Whist the fear was there, that was what would be manifested.  Gosh we need to look at what is behind what we ask for.

Last week we started a campaign of Stop, Revive, Survive not on our roads but in our daily life.  We were thrilled when we received a number of emails telling us that stopping, resting  and living (breathing) every two hours was being practised.  Keep it up, from all accounts it is making a difference.

Health – Dry Skin Brushing

Body BrushesCarolanne Wright in her article “Dry Skin Brushing can Strengthen Immunity, Spark Detoxification and Reverse the Hands of Time” for Wake Up World writes:

Long used in Ayurveda, dry skin brushing is a powerful — yet exceptionally economical — healing therapy. Upon first glance, the practice may not seem like much. We may question how a quick session of brushing the skin can provide such impressive results as heightened immunity, reduction of cellulite and overall detoxification. As unlikely as it may seen, dry skin brushing delivers all of the above and more.

With this straightforward technique, you are on your way to glowing health, smooth skin and a happy lymphatic system — this last perk is especially important to keep immunity buzzing and your constitution robust. But how does it work?”   …   to read the whole article to find out more about frequency, brush type and method click here.

Continuing on this process we have found a YouTube titled: The correct way to skin brush! in which Lymphatic drainage therapist Brandi Owens is interviewedBrandi was an ICU nurse and became ill with Lupis.  She is now well having followed a raw food diet and lymphatic health.  This dry skin brushing promotes that and with her Lymphatic expertise she shows us the best method.  Click here to view the 11 minute video.

It should be noted that dry skin brushing is also said to be very good for skin rejevenation and celluite reduction.

Monday Nights at Mosman Arts & Community Centre


Monday nights are a wonderful, powerful opportunity for all of us to unite, send Light and Love to our family, those in need and especially ourselves. The evening always begins with a meditation followed by a guest speaker. By attending or linking up with our weekly Monday night gatherings you will not only meet likeminded people, be in group energy and rest your mind, you will also raise your vibration and consciousness setting yourself up for the week ahead. See below for the next two weeks topics.


We meet every Monday night (except public holidays) at Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road, Mosman.

Session starts: 7.30pm. Entry : $15.00, Concession $10.00.

MONDAY, 10th November, 2014 at 7.30pm


Master RobynMaster Robyn Returns To The Academy By Popular Demand!

The Teaching of Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha with Master Robyn Rice.
Master Robyn will present the work of Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha’s – Soul Healing Miracles.

On the night:

Once again we will be given the understanding of the power of the Sacred Source Mantras…

Practice the powerful Sacred Source Mantras to help you prosper, flourish, succeed, bring love peace and harmony in every aspect of your life

“Da Ai” (Greatest Love) that can melt all blockages and transforms all life

“Da Kuan Shu” (Greatest Forgiveness) that can bring inner joy and inner peace to all life

The physical body includes every system, every organ, every cell, four extremities and more.
Sickness in the physical body include: pain, inflammation, infection, cysts, stones, tumours, cancer and much more. The cause of all sicknesses is soul mind body blockages.

Other recommendations include:
Receive Powerful Divine Healing Hands Blessing For All Aspects Of Life
Weekdays • Free • 9.00 to 9:15 pm Dial 001117124325432 • Passcode: 28686#Soul Healing Miracles Chanting Channel 24/7
Master Robyn’s Live Chanting for Pets, Animals & Nature – Weekdays • 10.00 to 11 pm

Soul blockages are negative karma.
Mind blockages include negative mind-sets, negative attitudes, negative beliefs, ego, attachments and more.
Body blockages are energy and matter blockages.
You could create soul healing miracles just by chanting these mantras.

Master Robyn is a disciple and worldwide representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Divine Channel, Divine Master Soul Healer, Direct Soul Communicator, Animal Healer & Whisperer, and healthcare professional.

All present will receive a free copy of the “Soul Healing Miracles” Book to take home

For additional information or to receive a complimentary healing blessing

Contact: Carol Liu, E: P: 0455 377 455

MONDAY, 17th November, 2014 at 7.30pm

JOY AND LAUGHTER, Channelling Universal Subconsciouness

Vicki OLeary-Channelling Universal SubconsciousVICKI O’LEARY

“Come along to this unique event, a journey into the unknown, stretching the boundaries and reaching through the veils into the extraordinary with Vicki channelling US (Universal Subconsciousness)”

So much of our spiritual journey is about trying, seeking, striving, looking for something and knowing there is something we are looking for but it is as yet unattainable or unseen, perhaps just slightly out of reach… Universal Subconscious is not about trying or striving it is about the entirety of you. It is about loving you in your entirety and knowing you are and always will be in direct contact with your source which is the knowing of all there is.

In this presentation Vicki will be channeling Universal Subconscious (US) and taking all on a journey into the unknown. Stretching the boundaries and reaching through the veils into the extraordinary. Each event led by Vicki is unique and tailored specifically to the audience so with your free will you will be able to join the group as a unique individual and as a collective to really experience the depths of your being.

Through JOY. There is no need to try to be or do anything on this night. Your choices will lead you to this event and in that choice on that night you will be engaging with the greatest possible expression of yourself. Be everything you are, be extraordinary and be you.  Jumping for JOY

Join US (Universal Subconscious) the all of who you are and the collective of oneness for an exceptional evening of channelling from sources outside of our human reality which will take all into the great unknown. You will definitely be in for a treat and with a theme of Joy and Laughter we look forward to seeing you there. There are opportunities for questions which will be channelled at the conclusion of the presentation.

With eternal love from all of US (Universal Subconscious) (received as a direct live stream of consciousness from Vicki E O’Leary)

Contacts:  M: 0410.297 627   email:


Breakthrough Weekend on November 15-16

Andrew HughesDynamic international presenter Andrew Hughes WILL Transform your life.  This is an opportunity not to be missed!

For those who saw Andrew at AOL and would like to go to his weekend workshop on 15/16 November, he has a special offer for you. Please follow the link and enter the coupon TRANSFORM.

Peace Pole Day – 11 November at Grail Haven, QLD

We are basking in the joyful warmth of a very successful Open Garden Day in which over 150 people came to the garden. There were picnics under the trees, a talk on Healing with Plants, pizza and cupcakes, and a good time was had by all.
Grail Haven-White AgapanthusPEACE POLE DAY is now an annual event on the 11th November, and we shall begin at 11 a.m. So please remember 11.11. at 11. Bring lunch to share and we will begin at the Peace Pole with a meditation. If anyone has a gift for music, either your voice or an instrument, please let us know.
On Sunday 21st December we shall hold a Christmas afternoon with ‘high tea’ and a CHRIST-MASS MEDITATION.
All are welcome to these events and they are free.
Blessings from All at Grail
Mt Tambourine, Queensland


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