Manifesting You! by Juliet Martine

All too often we get caught up in the thinking that ‘When I just get the relationship I want,’ or ‘When I get more clients,’ or ‘When I have more money in the bank,’ then I’ll be able to feel good about myself and stand tall in the fullness of who I am. And so we go about trying to manifest our lives from the place of thinking that these things are a measure of our worth and that we’re not good enough as we are until we’ve proven our value through our external circumstances.

But that’s just getting manifestation back to front. It’s kind of like expecting the cart to arrive laden with all our goodies, without having first manifested a powerful horse to pull our cart into place.

In order to manifest all the wonderful delicious things your heart desires into your experience, you first need to manifest You. The You that is that magnificent, powerful, wise, Divine Being that you truly are. You know – the one that decided it’d be a super cool idea to drop in on planet Earth for a night cap to enjoy having a physical experience of itself!?! Sounded like an awesome idea at the time, right? But maybe you’d had a few too many cosmic cocktails, because somewhere along the line you, me, we, we all forgot what we were doing and ended up waking up in an earthbound bed somewhere with spiritual amnesia wondering who the heck we are!

Think about it. When was the last time you actually felt your Divine magnificence? When was the last time you actually felt the abundance of the magnificent Divine Being that you are in this physical incarnation? I’m not just talking about knowing it, but really truly experiencing it at the core of your Being, to the point that you can actually feel your incredible immense Divinity in your bones as you embody your magnificence? Was it last week? Last year? Never?

The truth is, You, yes YOU! are a Divine Being. There isn’t one part of you, be it physical or otherwise, that isn’t truly Divine in its essence. That isn’t made of the same cosmic energy that the great big Creator of All Things is made of. It’s just that you’ve forgotten it and ended up chasing your tail trying to remember and re-manifest your magnificence through your external circumstances, so you can feel good about yourself and then re-embody your greater abundant God Self again, here on Earth.

Oh, I know, you’ll tell me that you already know all this. That you already know you’re a Divine Being. But in reality, in this physical realm of matter-based manifestation, you most likely haven’t actualized it. You know it as a mental concept. You’re aware of the spiritual truth behind it. But you haven’t anchored and grounded it to the point that you’re fully embodying it.

So how can you step into actually embodying your true Divine self here in the physical? If you already know it, how can you start actualizing it on the physical level? Not just through the external manifestation of the things you want in your life, but through the manifesting of You as your magnificent abundant Divine God Self, right here in this lifetime?

We’re sitting on the cusp of a magnificent cosmic shift. We’re looking through a planetary window of opportunity in which the planets have astrologically aligned themselves to support humankind to transition from its spiritual awakening into its spiritual embodiment. We’ve been talking about a shift in consciousness. But really what we’re been given the opportunity to embrace is a shift in embodiment. And it’s no coincidence you’ve joined us for the party at this exact point in time! Even though you might not remember fully, when the call went out asking for a show of volunteer Divine Co-Creators who’d love to go full throttle into the manifestation of their magnificent Divine abundance on Earth at this time, you were actually one of the first ‘Magnificents’ to put up their non-physical hand and jump to the head of the non-physical queue!

So my question to you, now that you realize the excitement of the opportunity that’s standing before you, is What are you going to do about it? How are you going to step in with both your physical feet and fully embody your magnificent abundant Divine God Self right here in your life today?

What’s one thing you can do today to embody your abundantly Divine God Self here on Earth? What’s one way you can stand in the immense abundance of your Divine power, truth, value, wisdom, and purpose right now to be all of who you truly are? What’s one thing you can do that will embody the energy of your greater Divinity and anchor it into your physical Being?

Whatever it is, whatever comes to mind, just go do it!

Why? Because knowing you’re a spiritual Being, being aware of your thoughts and beliefs, having a higher sense of consciousness about who you are is one thing. But taking purposeful action in your life to actually embody your Divinity and anchor your immense magnificence within the way you Be, that’s another thing altogether. And that’s what this shift is now offering you the opportunity to step into.

So you’re invited to God’s party here on Earth! You just found your invitation, even though it’s been sitting right in front of you on your fridge all this time! But it’s happening now, so now is the time to make the decision and fully embody your immensely Divine Self in the here and now. And just know that no matter how good the cosmic cocktails are this time, there’s no way you’ll fall asleep again! This time you’ll stay fully awake as you enjoy experiencing the full manifestation of your true abundant Divine God Self and all that you are through the physical manifestation of all aspects of your life!

I hope to see you there! I know I’ll recognise you by the immense abundance of your magnificent shining Divine God Self light!!

© 2014, written by Juliet Martine – Healer. Manifestation Coach. Spiritual Teacher. Author.