AOL Bulletin – 20th August 2014 – Let the Sun In

The aim of this week’s newsletter is to remind you to tell someone you love them.

FYI – Waves of Sound and Gratitude

Have You Told Someone How Much They Mean To You?

Lesson in GratitudeThis video on SoulSpot is only small, just over 7 minutes, but it has a big impact!  It shows people being surveyed and asked who they really are grateful for in their lives.  They are asked to write a letter about all the things they appreciate in that person and then read it out to the surveyor.  At this point they think the survey is done – watch and see what they are asked to do next.  Amazing to see how positive the effects of this process where for all who participated.

In our busy world we don’t often stop and tell people how much they mean to us, listing their qualities and how they have been so appreciated.  It’s worth taking the time.

Click here to view the Video.  (Rosemary says have your tissues handly)

 A Gift of Sound

GongHere is a podcast taken from our Sound Night on the 28th July with Marc Kundalini, John Butterworth and Joe Vandermeer.  You can use it as a meditation or simply sit back with a cup of tea and relax.  Many thanks to Marc for making this available to us.  Click to listen.

(Don’t miss Monday nights sound night with Anup with his singing bowls.)

Pray For Peace

Here is an amazing clip from Reba McEntire singing  “Pray For Peace”.  It gave us goosebumps!  Plus it’s a very catchy song.  Wouldn’t it be great to get the world to sing it!  Click here.
Here’s what Reba said about “Pray For Peace” on Facebook:

The idea to write the song “Pray For Peace” came to me last year as I was walking on our place in Gallatin, Tn. For days I’d sing, “Pray for Peace”, over and over. It wasn’t until several months later did the other parts start to fall inplace. Some, not until we got into the studio to record it.
I feel this song is a gift from God. I have never worked on a song as long as this one. It went from a bass drum, fiddle and singers to guest artist singing with me, adding more instruments and even a choir and a bagpipe!
It’s an act of perseverance, prayer, hope, fellowship and mostly love.

Thanks Aoife for sending this in to us!  Magic!!!

Don’t forget!  Peace Day is Coming up 21st September. To find out about the Sydney Peace Day Festival click hereSydney Peace Day

Thought Of The Day

In the heart we feel – in the mind we seek. In the cells we sit to do whatever these two wonders ask of us. Ask, feel and do is simply a balanced agreement between timing and creating.   

…….. Elaine Croker Elaine Croker , Prime Tuning

Affirmation – breathe deeply and say daily.

I feel the warmth of the Sun.
It lights up my heart and makes me smile.
I allow the warmth to Radiate out.”

……… Rosemary Butterworth  Rosemary-Lets-Have-Fun

Academy of Light LogoIn and Around the Academy

With Rosemary Butterworth

The Power is Within You turned out to be a real fun night.  Tracie Allen helped me give messages.  Russel Byron also came forward and did mediumship while I really enjoyed myself bringing through Angel Messages and acknowledging the gifts that you have brought to the world.   Tracie teaches Mediumship and together with Russel  has offered to step into the space left by Gerry Crowe on the 1st September.  They are  calling their night Explore Your Psychic Power.  It should be very interesting and lots of fun too.

What thrills me is the response we are getting from our circle, how relaxed everyone is.  Peggy gave everyone a name label so we all knew each other’s names and by the end of the night, we were indeed a united family.  We are learning more and more about each other and enjoy the exchanges  during the night.   A cup of tea was welcome at the end  and particularly the home-made rocky road brought by Tracie.

Don’t forget this weekends event The Festival of Dreams in Sydney!  Lots of the Academy favourites are going to be there.  See the ‘Events’ area below for more information.

Health – INCREASE YOUR HAPPINESS – put some sun-Light in your day.

Serotonin constantly fluctuates along with melatonin in the body according to Dr Libby Weaver, author of Accidentally Overweight.

Serotonin is our happy, calm and content hormone.  It makes us very content with our lot in life.  (Melatonin helps us to sleep)

Humans instinctively know that carbohydrate rich food promote serotonin production, which is partly why, when the “I want something” syndrome hits we head for the pantry. 

Pond ReflectionA much healthier way to improve the quality of our day is to do a combination of the following:

–  Go out in the sun.  Expose your eyes to sunlight.
–  Move. Tom Paladino,, says “If you can force yourself to start, 15 to 20 minutes of dancing to the radio or fast walking can reduce a sweet tooth and improve mood.”
–  Eat wisely.  Balance your intake.  Eat the rainbow.  Reduce caffeine and sugar.
–  Commit to doing this for four weeks, every day, and observe if your evening carbohydrate levels settle.  Your serotonin will love you for it.

(Rosemary’s tip:  Accidentally Overweight is a must have in your Home!)

Monday Nights at Mosman Arts & Community Centre


Monday nights are a wonderful, powerful opportunity for all of us to unite, send Light and Love to our family, those in need and especially ourselves. The evening always begins with a meditation followed by a guest speaker. By attending or linking up with our weekly Monday night gatherings you will not only meet likeminded people, be in group energy and rest your mind, you will also raise your vibration and consciousness setting yourself up for the week ahead. See below for the next two weeks topics.

AOL WelcomeREMEMBER WE HAVE MOVED: We meet every Monday night (except public holidays) at Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre, Cnr of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road, Mosman.

Session starts: 7.30pm. Entry Fee: $15.00, Concession $10.00.

MONDAY, 25th August 2014 at 7.30pm

SINGING BOWLS with Anup Poudyal

Our Monthly Sound Evening is on again!

We are delighted that Anup has agreed to return with the Singing bowls! Last time we found the energy combination of Anup and the bowls a very special experience. People did not want to leave. Crystal & Singing BowlsAnup’s vision is to bring a positive change to the world through creativity and collective consciousness . His mission is to entertain and inspire people to be peaceful and spread the message of peace with us. Our Body, Mind and Spirit resonate and react to sound/frequency. Anup will take us on a journey to enable us to experience peace. This experience is intended to expand our consciousness, enlighten our cells and allow for a new beginning. Anup will have bowls for sale on the night. Contacts: P: 0430116030 E: W:

MONDAY, 1st September 2014 at 7.30pm

Explore your Psychic Power!

Tracie Allan & Russell Byron

Are you using your natural psychic gifts in everyday life? Would you like to improve your psychic abilities & intuition?

Tonight there will be ……….

  • A Guided Meditation to discover your psychic strengths
  • Exercise to open your 3rd eye – psychic chakra
  • Discussion on the “Clair” senses – Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience
  • Fun interactive activities to practice building your psychic & intuitive abilities

Explore Your Psychic PowerTracie & Russell will lead you on a journey of self-discovery during this evening. The Guided Meditation will help you have more clarity around which psychic abilities are your natural strengths. There will be some fun interactive exercises to practice using your natural psychic abilities & for further development.   Opening the 3rd eye chakra improves your intuitive knowing which can help in your everyday life.

Explore your Psychic Power – tonight is the night!


Egyptian  - Alasenmat Healing Centre


Alasenmat Healing Centre, 1 Willoughby Rd, Leura, Blue Mountains
Email  for more info and book your seat!
(Can attend either or both)
12:30 – 5:00  Cost $130  ($100 Early Bird paid by 23rd August)
Details of initiation in the temples and  attunements
10:30 –5 :00 pm   Cost $150  (Early Bird $130 paid by 7th September)
Isis Blue Moon  Practitioner Teacher and Isis Seichim Practitioner and Master Teacher
Click here to view flyer for the workshops.

 This Weekend – Don’t miss The Festival of Dreams!

Festival of DreamsThe Festival of Dreams is a two day event connecting hearts and illuminating a new wave of dreaming at the renowned Hordern Pavilion on 23-24 August from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Our International Guest is Lisa Williams Medium who will appear in an Exclusive show on the Saturday and Sunday. Lisa will be supported by the sacred sounds of Daniel Coates – Suntara. Buy your tickets for the Lisa Williams Exclusive show online. See why she is regarded as the best in her field. Be entertained, guided, inspired and witness validations of messages from the other side. This is an uplifting and empowering event we encourage you to experience.

Click here to see The Lisa Williams Show Flyer

Once you are in the Pavilion, you will have access to over 40 free workshops, performances and Exhibitors.

Our Dream Presenters include – Lia Scallon, Alana Fairchild, Harry T, Debbie Malone, Mark Anthony, Ann Joel, Sri Prahlada, Master Siou Foon Lee, Walter Mason, Soul Traveller Radio and more.

Website: email: Facebook:

Community Announcements

Connect With Colour - Narelle Green Just Released – Connect with Colour by Narelle Green

Connect with Colour brings you new knowledge about the intelligence of colour. Narelle says “Colour is a natural healer and a vibrational remedy that can balance and transform conditions in your life, as well as maximise your potential.” You can use colour to change and harmonize the subtle energy around you that can be felt but not seen. Colour is coded with information that supports and sustains energy, whatever you need: comfort, strength, guidance, wisdom, healing, prosperity, and love—it is all there and so much more. It is not a mystery or miracle, simply a mindful balance of energy. Connect with Colour gives you tools and shows you how to change your energy and your outcome. “As people begin to consciously work with colour, their lives just gets easier,” explains Narelle. “Clients notice a synchronistic flow and contentment that wasn’t there before. There’s a heightened sense of intuition and a new sense of balance between their inner and outer world.” Filled with real-life case studies, testimonials, and tips – plus an amazing glossary linking common ailments to the healing effects of each colour ray – Connect with Colour provides an in-depth look at how lasting healing can be achieved using the gifts that exist within the rays of Light – for all of us. A Must Have For Your Library!

Buy E book Online Now Only $3.99


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