The Importance of Rituals

morning-teaRitual is done to open the mind to the existence of other realms.  You only think of your world.

The Ritual expands consciousness and establishes threads of connection.

Thinking about YOU when in the NOW, it is still about you…. “YOU” don’t exist!!

The more Rituals the more you are connected to all beings everywhere.  Create more Ritual in your days, you are then connected to all realms.

You will eventually come to a state of being where all is Ritual.

There is a correct time and a place for everything to be done.  There is no more ‘That is not what I want to do now.’

For example, set a time for morning tea so the body has a rest.  There is a time to plant in the Moon Cycles.  There is a time to rise and a time to go to bed.

Make it a Ritual and this brings discipline.  Put order in your life.  Make everything a Ritual not a chore.  Thank beings everywhere and connect to all worlds.

All worlds exist within the body. You only see through the false “I” and this keeps you boxed in.

All colours exist in all the realms within the body too.

Expand the consciousness and space by …

Meditation:  look at what knowledge and wisdom is within you.

Reflection:  it is time you took a word and reflected on it.  Sit and rest.  Go within to all knowledge, all worlds within the body or sentence.  Take it to another level of understanding.   There are seven levels of understanding, 7 colours, 7 levels.  Ask what does it mean at this level, then take it up to the next level and ask again.

What does harmony mean, in other words sit with it (the word harmony, for example), and see what comes up.  An understanding may come, maybe nothing, don’t worry.

There are more levels to go.

Master Korton channelled by Rosemary Butterworth and transcribed by Terri Hills 18th March, 2011