When things go ‘Bump’.

There will always be ‘bumps’ in the road of  life.  They may be little, they may be big.  They may be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level or a combination of these.  None  of this matters.  The first step is always the same – protect your heart.  When your heart is protected and strong you can approach what needs to be done in the moment with ease and grace to get the best result possible.  The heart is our most valuable organ.  When we are surprised our heart is effected.  If the situation is perceived as negative then our heart can become jammed with fear.  When it is like that it is impossible to connect to the intelligence of the heart to hear/know the answers – to connect with your intuition.

How can we balance it?  You may already have the answer that is right for you.  Here are three more easy suggestions that you can utilise to maintain, strengthen and nurture your heart.soul-colour-sprays

1.  Use the Soul Colour Bottles by Narelle Green.  In particular the Pink bottle which will protect the heart.

2.  Look at the ‘Fanning Sick Energies’ exercise under Health/Health Tips and Ideas on our website.

3.  Do an exercise in Smiling!  This really works!!  For two minutes everyday smile.  You are bound to feel a bit silly to begin with – ignore that.  When you smile you are changing the chemicals in your body and the more you smile the stronger your body is.  If you break into laughter you are not doing the exercise wrong you are just creating more positive chemicals.

Master Korton Channelled byRosemary Butterworth ……9th March 2011