Fanning and Venting Sick Energy

meditationTo Help the Heart


Since tension causes a lot of sick, negative emotional energy to condense in the chest, the heart can easily become jammed.  Some believe long term negative emotions such as hatred, impatience and arrogance directly effect heart conditions or are a major cause of heart attacks.  To protect yourself you can activate the heart.  This process will draw the negative feelings and sick energies to the heart, and you will need to fan this energy out of the heart and body.

The Purpose of Fanning

Fanning sick energy involves moving the energy from the heart down to the soles of the feet.  The theory is that when the sick energy is fanned down to the soles of the feet and further down to the Earth, the soles connect with Mother Earth who can accept the sick and negative energy to utilise and transform it into useful energy.  When negative energies are expressed to another person they can effect that person and cause sickness for them as well.

Fanning is an activity originating in the upper diaphragm and in the mind. With the palm facing downward, raise the left hand to the chest at the level of the heart centre, about 1 and 1 1/2 inches from the top sternum.  Place the right hand parallel and above it.

On the in breathe drawing in negative feelings into the heart.  Exhale this energy as simultaneously you lower both hands.   Continue to exhale the negative energy down to the perineum to the back of both feet to the soles, and then perceive Mother Earth absorbing it.  Rest the palms on the knees.  Look down to the soles of the feet and feel the cloudy, grey, and cold or chilly energy go out.  Be sure to take a long time to rest since your resting time is very important.  Start over again by returning both hands to the heart level.  practise 18 to 36 times for a total of 5 to 10 minutes.  As you clear yourself of the dirty, sick energy you will feel empty but in a good mood.  Feel the heavenly energy as the Golden Light coming down through the head and filling the body.

Rest for a while.  You will also feel Mother Earths energy, a blue colour, coming up through the soles of your feet.….(Extract) Chi Nei Tsang