The Jyoti Meditation as taught by Sai Bab

The Jyoti Meditation as taught by Sai Baba: saibaba03

Jyothi (flame) Meditation is the foremost spiritual discipline geared towards gaining inner peace.

1. We should have a fixed time and place every day where we sit for meditation either in the morning and/or evening.

2. We should sit on a thin mattress for this exercise.  The sitting pose or asana should be comfortable both for our mind and body.

3. We should then chant Omkar, the Universal Mantra glorified as ‘Nada Brahma’ at least 3 times but preferably 21 times.  The mind under the influence of this divine sound slowly loses momentum and becomes more and more tranquil and steady.

4. The next step is to put the breath in rhythm.  The easiest and the most effortless method is to watch the breath, thereby the process becomes normal, that is, longer and calmer.  When we inhale, the breath sounds ‘So’ and when we exhale, it sounds ‘Humm’ which means ‘He’ i.e. “God” and ‘I’ respectively or “God am I”.

5. Accordingly, synchronizing with these two breaths, imagine that the flame ‘Jyot’ is within us.  Feel that the light of the flame is in our heart, right in the centre of the Lotus.  Gently move the light to other parts of your body — the stomach, the limbs, the eyes, the ears and the tongue.  Feel that the entire body is illumined thereby. Rejoice that the light is the light of love; it removes hatred; it dispels darkness and doubt; it reveals that all are Divine.

6. As the light fills the eyes, you must feel that they have been purified.  They shall no longer seek to look upon evil sights.  When the light lights the tongue with love, decide that there is no more scope for uttering harsh words.  Similarly, once the radiance of the divine light bathes the arms, they can no longer delight in performing harmful deeds while the feet can no longer move into polluting areas and places.

7. Now visualize the light as surrounding our physical body and spreading far out to family members, neighbours and even those whom we do not like.  Every object is enveloped in that divine effulgence.  Isavaasyam Idam Sarvam.  All this is illumined by God.  This is the stage of bliss.

8. In this manner, the ONE flame on which we concentrate can cleanse our mind and body and spread its light and radiance to include our entire environment.

9. Finally, take the Jyot on to the figure of our Ishta Devta or the Deity of you choice and/or fix our vision on the Jyot, and commence meditation or silent sitting for a few minutes, followed by Japa of our chosen Mantra with the full understanding of its meaning and firm faith in its power and benefits.  It should be inter-woven with our breathing process of inhaling and exhaling.