How to Meditate

How to Meditate:

Meditation is an art and like all art forms it must be practiced.  To achieve the benefits of meditation it should be practiced at least once a day for 20-30 minutes.  The best times to meditate are sunrise and sunset, however as these times are not always suitable begin by meditating each day upon rising.
What do I need to Meditate:
1.    Find a quiet place in your home.  Maybe set up a corner of your bedroom with a straight backed chair or cushion.  A candle, incense and a picture of a Divine Being such as Christ, Mary, Sai Baba, Buddha, Ascended Masters, etc is useful to bring the mind back to a point of centredness to begin meditation.  You might like to place your favourite crystal beside the candle as crystals help raise the energy of your meditation space.

2.    If you choose to do a creative visualisation meditation, music is a good idea or you may choose to play a specially prepared meditation CD or Tape.

3.    POSTURE:  Another important thing is your posture.  It is essential to meditate with a straight spine.  Straight spine but not tense or rigid.  Your head must be straight on your shoulders – not tilted or dropped forward.

4.    LISTEN:  It is very important to connect to all the sounds around you.  This will have a quietening effect on your mind.  If your thoughts are very persistent, tell them that you will think about them later.  Keep practicing listening with BOTH ears.  Listen to the furthermost sounds.

5.    FEEL: Feel the air on your face, the clothes on your body, the weight of your body on the chair or the floor.  Feel your body as a whole entity.

6.    BREATHING:  After initial 5 deep breaths, allow the breathing to return to normal.  Let the body breathe itself.  Observe the breath entering and exiting the nostrils.

7.    NOTICE:  Notice how your mind quietens while you simply watch your breathing. Notice the tension in the body.  What part of the body is tense and breathe the tension away on the out breath.  Notice if you are still connected to the 5 senses.  Notice the energy flowing through the body: whether your hands and feet are tingling.  Notice the increased awareness. Focus your attention on this observation for several minutes.  Finish with focusing on the breathing.
When you are ready gently bring your consciousness back into the room and open your eyes.

PS: You might like to call in Archangel Michael for his protection while you are meditating