Change Your Life through the Use of Sound

Change Your Life through the Use of Sound

By: Dattatreya Siva Baba.baba_india_sitting_steps_

The real way to dramatically change your life is through sound.  Consciousness itself is sound.  So if you change sounds within the system, you can make lasting changes in your life.

All that you need to do is to change the sounds of your consciousness at a very deep level. When the yogis talk about sounds, they don’t talk about only the spoken sounds.  Spoken sounds are only a very gross form of sounds.  Spoken sounds emerge from unmanifest levels.

The Theory of Sounds

Sounds, fundamentally, are the building blocks of the whole Universe.  Sounds build your body; sounds build your mind; sounds build everything that you see around you.
Without sounds, nothing can exist.  The seers of ancient India knew the secret of sounds and they gave them in formulae that can make significant changes in your life.  By using these sounds, either in meditation or listening to mantras, you are creating a very powerful environment within your own consciousness.  The sounds affect your mind in a profound way, enabling you to acquire a new mind.