Links and Affiliates

These are some links that the Academy highly recommends.

John Butterworth‘s Power of the Gong website.

Rosemary Butterworth’s  Facebook page Michael’s Messenger 

Julia Smith uses the Power of Sound, Colour and Vibrational Therapies in her sessions.  Julia has a music bed that with the use of headphones you have the healing sounds go through you and around you.

Geraldine Taylor-Wood 

Born Geraldine Johns in 1947 her journey began as a child deeply committed to the Christ with a longing to become a nun.  After a major illness at 26 years old she became a yoga student, which saved her life and for thirty years she taught yoga.  In the eighties she studied Jungian psychology and astrology and had her own practise in London and Sydney, Australia.  Her life’s work has been to quest in the religious, philosophical and mystical.

Nancy Valentine-Smith

Over two decades, Nancy has mentored and empowered many people by helping them change their state of being to see and experience who they truly are.
Through her transformational live events, gatherings and audio programs, Nancy continues to touch the lives of many that attend her live events to experience her Ancient Beloved Teachings, to co-create a life from the Heart with her modern take on ancient wisdom.