Links and Affiliates

These are some links that the Academy highly recommends.

Narelle Green‘s Soul Colour heralds the time of the Soul’s awakening in the here and now.  Colour is the language of the Soul – speaking to the Soul at a level beyond mind.

John Butterworth‘s Power of the Gong website.

Elaine Croker – Prime Tuning of Cells – Tells you how to talk to your cells and become your own creator.

Mark Anthony, a successful businessman was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  However with Theta Healing, he experienced instant remission and has since become a teacher and practitioner.   His passion is to empower people t create the life they choose to live:

Inna Segal, is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing? and the best selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness.

Maxine Haigh White – Kitchen Medicine – is a qualified Medical Herbalist/Nutritionist.  Maxine teaches fun, easy to understand grassroots kitchen medicine at Mosman Community College:

Michelle McGrath – Sacred Self – Self-Love, would that change anything?  Everything?  Wonderful Cards, Essences, Tips and Workshops!

Sandy Mayor is a practitioner of Serenity Vibration Healing®, Seichim, colour, sound, crystals, essences and holds personal healing sessions, meditation & channeling circles, healing sanctuaries along with workshops, personal tuition, tele-classes & mentoring programs.

Alanna Moore has 26 years experience of dowsing and geomancy.  Alanna is the author of seven books and she specialises in sensitive permaculture design.

Julia Smith uses the Power of Sound, Colour and Vibrational Therapies in her sessions.  Julia has a music bed that with the use of headphones you have the healing sounds go through you and around you.

John Levine has created an amazing range of Alphamusic for stress, relaxation motivation, healing and much more.  To hear a selection of his music go to

Jennifer Starlight and Peter Harris are the founders of The Invisible College.  They offer both individual and joint services, which are designed to address and realign your mental, emotional and physical imbalances, through your conscious awareness, so you may return to the Heart of your Essence.  Jennifer channels Min and is also the author of two books ‘Union’ and ‘Joy’.  They have a Transformational Centre on the Gold Coast.

Dr. Joanne Messenger can help you with courses, one on one sessions, products (including meditation CDs) and intuitive wisdom.  Joanne works in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Peter Whitfield‘s New Frontier’s book Publishing ( and famous children’s Zen Tales books:

Robbie Holz, owner of Holz Health Center in the United States (, is an international speaker, spiritual channel,and counselor whose teaching principles have helped people worldwide reach higher levels of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.Continuing to work as a healing team since his passing in April 2007, Robbie’s husband, Dr. Gary Holz, greatly assists by sending powerfulhealing energy through Robbie’s work.

Laurie Levine‘s Spiritual Centre and books etc –

Valerie Barrow did not seek to be a channel nor an instrument of the Cosmic Sai Baba.  She was chosen for this purpose, and simply makes the human frame available for delivery of Divine Teachings. Much of prehistory of this universe has been hidden,  perhaps by the veil of Maya. Now the times are at hand for the human race to know its origins and of the many paths of return to those origins.

Robyn Walker at CWR has a one-hour, conversational-style TV program with is also entertaining and informative, providing cutting-edge information in areas such as Personal Development, Mind/Body Science, Community, Sustainability, Holistic Health and Spirituality:

Gerry Bostock is a Bundjalung Elder, Aboriginal Healer & Spiritual Healer.   He is skilled in many healing modalities and practice a variety of natural healing methods which utilise highly skilled interactions with the body’s energy fields that: invoke powerful healing processes; cleanse, balance, align and change the body’s vibration levels; repair the body’s auric fields; remove unwanted entities; and shift the participant’s consciousness into receptive healing states.

Geraldine Taylor-Wood and Richard De Welles oversee the hand bottling of Grail Haven Water at their property at Mt Tambourine in Queensland. Grail Haven Water has very high energy and is said to be for transformation. Gerry also has her own flower essence range and workshops are held at the property. Their Sacred site tours are worth investigating too.

Julian Noel – Aware Business for Aware Businesses!

Nibbana deliver quality events, speakers, news and products that inspire others to explore their spiritual beliefs, in a professional, informative and enjoyable way.

Kean & Kathleen Buckley – Be Yourself, Personal Development.  Get back in touch with reality.  Be reminded of who you really are!

Kerryn Franks-Sedgeman – Equality between body, mind and spirit.