About the Academy of Light

Our name of course comes from the Star pattern seen in our Southern Skies the Southern Cross. Henry the navigator of the order of John of the Cross –
(Hero of Portugal, 1394-1460), had a Mystery School based on Neo Platonism in Portugal. He first saw the Southern Cross when he sailed from Portugal, over the equator and around the Tropic of Cancer. It was a significant sighting for him and he saw it as a “destiny meeting”.


He declared the stars of the Southern Cross had four significant qualities from the Four Platonic Virtues; Wisdom, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude,
with Love at the centre of the cross

Crux (pronounced Latin kraks cross), commonly known as the Southern Cross, is the smallest of the 88 modern constellations, but nevertheless one of the most distinctive. It is surrounded on three sides by the constellation Centaurus – (Chiron sign of the ancient Healer) and to the south lies Musca- (Musca Australis, the Southern Fly – Australis). Ancient Greeks originally considered Crux to be part of Centaurus; however, the procession of the equinoxes gradually lowered these stars below the European horizon, and they were eventually forgotten.

(At the latitude of Athens in 1000 B.C., Crux was clearly visible, though low in the sky; by 400 A.D., most of the constellation never rose above the horizon for Athenians).

The Academy of Light is mentioned in The Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak. Here is an excerpt Key 113: 27-28. “The Academies of Light will train the mind to work with the Keys of Knowledge, using the seventh, eighth, and ninth chakra triangulation to actualise a physical quantum leap beyond the imperfect karmic cycles of our solar spectrum known to the ancients as being influenced by the Solar Council. These Academies of Light will be a global network of spiritual communities of the People of Light united and focused into one interplanetary government that will accept Brotherhoods that serve the Office of the Christ.”

The logo came from a vision given to Rosemary. The triangle represents the Holy Trinity, the Law of Three which governs this world. The circle represents creation of which this world is a part. The flame is the eternal Light of creation.

The Southern Cross Academy of Light based in Sydney, Australia.

A Message from our Founder

The Academy’s Co-Founder Rosemary Butterworth


After an amazing encounter with Archangel Michael in the rainforest of Hana, Maui, Rosemary Butterworth (then Whitfield) was guided to hold a space where like-minded people interested in spirituality could gather. She teamed up with John Butterworth who was very interested in community and sustainability.

Together with the help of 3 others, they started The Southern Cross Academy of Light – an Academy of Light under the Southern Cross. How the name was given to them is another magical story as they learnt the importance of the Southern Cross and why Canberra has been laid out on its pattern.

Archangel Michael became the Academy’s patron and loving guide.  Each assembly of the Academy always begins with an invocation and invitation to Archangel Michael to fill the space with Light and bring his loving Presence and Protection.

1996 – The First Annual General Meeting


It was amazing how many people were attracted by that small notice in the paper. People were drawn from all parts and some traveled up to seven hours driving time to be there. The inaugural ‘Meeting’ over a whole weekend in Canberra, the vision and values of The Southern Cross Academy of Light were born from the hearts of those that were ‘called’ to attend.

The Work of the Academy

The Academy came into being to provide a space, a safe haven during the Earth changes and the shift in consciousness that is taking place on the planet.

Whatever patterns within us that don’t align with Truth, Love, Peace and Joy are being brought to the surface for us to take the responsibility of clearing them.

This is the shift in consciousness that is needed – the shift from the focus of what is wrong with the world to one of the love and joy that is always there but kept buried
under the multitude of negatives. So while people are going through these painful tribulations, the Academy is here to assist and support them.

This support will take many forms. It may be a counselor or it may be a teacher/healer who can help you connect to the knowing of how to heal yourself. Higher energy may be needed to lift one out of depression – or parental advice on dealing with children – advice on coping and eliminating addictions. The Academy is a community of love: within it are people with incredible skills and gifts ready to assist the movement into an age of Awakening on the planet and the opening of Consciousness with people on their personal journeys of Spiritual Awakening, enabling to help spread the messages of the Light further afield.

As above so below, we understand one must look at things on both a Microcosmic and a Macrocosmic level, by helping one we intern help many.

Teachers / Healers

Over the years, The Academy has attracted to itself many teachers of self-development and healing modalities. These dedicated people all feel that their mission is to help people understand what they are going through and how to release it and heal. Somehow these people find the Academy and ask to present to people their discoveries and share what they have found to be true for them and how it has helped them.

When they contact The Academy, whether they are coming from overseas or within Australia, The Academy arranges for them to speak at a meeting, promotes their workshops and seminars for them and networks their work.

In this way, The Academy feels that it brings to each person a multitude of choices of ways to shift in consciousness and release old patterns that allow them to heal. The Academy believes that everybody’s journey is unique to them and therefore will need ‘different transport’ although the ultimate goal/destination is the same.


July, 2003 a Blessing Ceremony for the Academy was held at Peace Park, Oxford Falls near Sydney, to connect the Light of The Academy to Heaven and Earth and Unity Consciousness on all Levels. Many people came and supported this blessing with their Divine presence. Anne Castle was the celebrant.


An exciting year for the Academy. John and Rosemary Butterworth purchased 84 acres on land with 360 degree views of green hills in the New South Wales countryside. This purchase was part of a vision to link with The Academy. A place where you may come by invitation rest, heal and do inner work.

The Academy will be asking teachers/healers to come as well and give seminars there.


With each passing year the aim of the Academy becomes clearer and more concrete. In acknowledging the truth in all religions, the divinity of all that is, The Academy is Loving All/Serving All.


With a new website being built and a new office space kindly being provided and shared by Rosemary’s son we were very excited for the future. Our vision being to continue helping to create the New Humanity here on our beautiful planet Earth and support as many as we possibly can along the way, in the Spiritual Journey called life in which we travel. We give much gratitude, for we are truly blessed to be able to do this most special and precious work.


We are back in Willoughby in a home office. There is more energy work being done daily! Amazing things are happening.


The connections through the website are growing. We are concentrating on products that we believe in and are not readily available through other avenues.


The cosmic forces that are coming to the planet are increasing and are creating turbulence within us so that we may shift our beliefs. It reminds us that we don’t have to learn how to love because we are already that.

Within the Academy is being bred an alternative living style. One of a different focus – the focus being – what is right with myself and the world. It is a loving place for all to share.

July, 1996 saw the birth of a Newsletter. ShiningBRIGHT, the voice of the Academy was born and it grew and became the magazine.

The magazine was full of inspiration for you, to lift you, to shift your ideas and fill you with hope and joy. It was positive feedback to let you know that you are doing well in your journey and to encourage you to keep practicing the things you know you should be focused on.

In recent times we have ceased production of ShiningBRIGHT. Production costs became too much. The enewsletter became the connection once again. Articles are slowly being introduced into the newsletter to continue spreading the many and varied messages from in and around The Academy.

Academy Branches

In its 15 year history, many branches of The Academy have sprung up, the first being Neutral Bay in Sydney and which is lovingly called ‘a sacred home base’. Others, like flowers, bloomed for a short period then closed due to different individual circumstances. But the essence remained.

Each gathering or meeting is a hand to help you along the way to help you discover new ways of living in peace by connecting to your own inner self.

But later you will discover the wealth and depth of knowledge, wisdom and love that is within The Academy. You will discover how to phone in and ask for help with your journey. You will discover that you are not alone in your pain. Love, help and assistance is always there within The Academy – all you have to do is to ask. Just simply ring the office and express your need and you will be directed to the one The Academy knows that can assist you at that time.